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Mercury in Retrograde For Each Sign

Mercury in Retrograde has begun!

Why do some folks run and hide? Unless you’re on the Geek Squad, it ought to be one of the most revealing times of your life! (But hey, even the Geek Squad will get more work now with so much technology refusing to cooperate…their new motto this retrograde? Byte me!) Mercury isn’t the only planet that moves into retrograde, but why oh why, is it such a celebrity?

I think mostly because Mercury represents our thoughts and words. Isn’t it just amusing when I say ‘Tomato’ and you hear ‘Tornado’ and run screaming? Or when I finally find my Android in the mail box? (Guess I put it there to get the mail but forgot to put it back in my pocket!)

But bigger than this, our perceptions are turned inward.

We’re focused on the inner process of our being and how we’re in the mess, fix, blessings that we’re in. The past always comes back so we can contemplate the answer to one question, “Are you done with me yet?”

Reports are coming in that the people, places, things, ideas (and lost items) that return in a Mercury in Retrograde—what my sister calls ‘sightings’—are more intense than ever. There’s a reason for this. The Mercury in Retrograde (October 21 through November 10) mingles with the Lunar Eclipse in Aries (sizzle and explode then burn…new ideas? sudden divorce? car accident? validated?) with the upcoming Solar Eclipse in Scorpio (deep and profound in-your-face transformation…more on that in the next post).

So. Grab a hot cup of something yummy…and PLEASE remember to turn off the burner! And let’s see what you can expect with Mercury in Retrograde through the Sun and Rising signs!


Either you’re about to win the lottery (better insurance rates, great sex, finally have the truth with a partner, or you grieve the past no more)…Think about your joint resources. What do you share with another person (or company that handles your finances)? Is it equal? Why not? Please scrutinize your bank and credit card statements. Once, I cashed a bond and the teller put my money in someone else’s account! Reflect on ‘endings’ and how you can negotiate them successfully, with honesty, and you’ll come out ahead in the long run. Estate planning is also on the agenda. I know, but it has to be done….not necessarily IN the retrograde, but at least do the research. Oft times people reveal info they’re not supposed to in a Mercury in Retrograde and maybe you’ll get lucky about some new policies just around the bend. Patience!


Be really honest about marriage, partnerships, and potential new biz connections. You are just as powerful as you think they are. Your boundaries MUST be in place if you’re to partner with anyone. And the folks who come your way now are reflecting a very important piece of your own puzzle. Yes, you may know more than them…but are they more successful than you in some area? Or is their point valid about your behavior? Why? Think back to all other partnerships. Be wary of setting yourself up to do all the work…again. Equality is key. Be open to being vulnerable, and simultaneously stand in your power and you’ll transform (with little effort) into the expert we know you to be! Each day imagine that you are already ‘there.’ Act as if and things go faster.


You’re burning the candle at both ends and it’s melting in the middle. Grab your ’cause du jour’ and slow to a pace that includes your body’s well-being. PAUSE. Breathe. Reflect on the ORDER OF THINGS. This is where wisdom resides. Getting sick is not going to help your agenda, but if you don’t listen to your body, it will force you to listen. Your choice. Once you honor your whole being, then you’ve got some work to organize. Looks like legal papers hover or perhaps you’re lobbying for a better position at work? Right now, the whole picture isn’t being revealed. Bide your time. Gather your intel. Either way, you may have proof and all of your ‘t’s’ crossed and ‘i’s’ dotted, but the timing may not be appropriate. Back to pausing! Reassess. Realign your actions with your purpose for best results. But overall, THINK before you plunge into something new. Time to tie up old loose ends that have been dangling and snagging your potential future dreams.


Even though you’re inundated with work and projects and you feel like you can’t breathe sometimes, this retrograde is reminding you to PLAY. Remember that? Go to lunch—not in front of the computer—but to an actual place that SERVES YOU. Take your spouse to the movies. Date night? Stop and ask yourself WHY…why spin wheels? What motivates you to go at such a pace? Abundance may be pouring in from all sides, but do you have to say yes to everything right now? Look outward toward the heavens and say, “Proportion!” Then go write, sing, dance, paint, romance—and for some of you—have that discussion about children as you remember to play. (Yes, I repeat myself just in case you didn’t hear it the first time!)


Mom is a concern. Whether she’s still on this earth or not, you’re either emulating her old behavior or searching for a connection to your roots. If she’s still around, make peace with her. Reach out. As you approach her with a new sense of self, you’ll discover more of your own identity. Some of you are looking to redecorate or move. The energy in your four walls is reflected in the mirror each day. What wonderful thing would you like to transform about you? Then go paint the walls. The Mercury in Retro is not the ideal time to buy that scintillating shade of chartreuse, though. Might want to wait a few weeks. Oh, an added note…siblings might also come out of the blue. Refresh your approach to them, too, and realize that your subconscious self is every shade of blue. Hey! There’s an idea for your paint choice.


Wow. I’ve never seen anyone fire synapses like you. Well, maybe Aries with a Gemini Rising sign…but still…your thoughts are going in a bajillion directions at once. (Bajillion—new math equation just for Virgos.) Just like with some Leos, siblings come back into the picture (or friends who are like siblings). What do they mirror for you? Be really honest. Aside from them, where do your thoughts go? Where do they come from? If you’re a writer, speaker, actor, in the limelight in any way, this is a time to see yourself very clearly reflected in the RESPONSES you get from others. Why does intimacy scare you? IN TO ME YOU SEE. A masculine presence has something BIG to share with you. News is just news until it affects you. And this news has to do with your responsibilities, your words, your ideas, and your new future. Ooh, wonder what it is?


Feel like you’re sliding in the mud and have to work like a mule tied to a rope? Look up, you might see that your thoughts are making rain clouds. Huh. Wonder why you set yourself up for the ultimate sucker punch? Anytime you feel you have to fight for injustice or judge the system, look in the mirror and ask which part of you feels like a victim? That if you didn’t work, would you get your needs met? That if you YOU didn’t do ‘it’ would ‘it’ get done? We all carry some victimization in our psyche, but right now, you’re looking at your financial picture and screaming, “UNFAIR! PRESSURE!” Breathe. Be grateful. Focusing on what you HAVE brings more of it. It’s an energy thing…like you…’cause you’re PURE CONSCIOUS LOVE…worth millions. Write a list of what you truly VALUE and look at it everyday. Miracles can happen. Just look in the mirror.


Okay, I’ll just say that you have every right to go back to bed if you want to. Saturn’s in your sign, the upcoming Solar Eclipse is in your sign. Mercury in Retrograde is in your sign. The attention is on you and what you choose to do with your entire life. Tense much? This is a great time to get into a mindful practice. Yoga. Tai Chi. Learn to meditate. Learn Mudras (holding your fingers in certain positions to alter the flow of energy in your body). And no, I’m not talking about giving Life the finger. Although, from time to time, that might feel good. The ‘old’ is breaking down. The new is here awaiting your concentration. (IN a retrograde? Yeah, right.) But YES, keep thinking about where you were, where you are now, and where you’d like to be in say, 5 years. The plan is forming. The endings have mounted in the last year to help you make room for what’s to come. And what’s to come is the best part of you yet!


Your mind is on vacation right now. Even though you have lots to do (and always will since you’re a fire sign) you can’t always be DOING without evaluating the process. It’s necessary. Where and when do you feel most vulnerable? What fears have been coming up for you lately? Where do you feel out of control? Getting counseling through early December is going to help you fly through the dredge and overcome a lot of caca. Go there. Why wait? The doors are open for a tremendous healing. What you think, who you are, and the decisions you make are ALL infused into any business you enact. Makes sense to do some inner laundry so you come out clean all around. You’re in the middle of transforming your idea of SELF…WORTH.


Planet (now dwarf star) Pluto has been in your sign for years, helping you to transmute your DNA. Helping you to evolve in big ways, with big boundaries. And now this double eclipse/Mercury in Retrograde combo is here to support all those mini transformations. The realm of people, groups, desires, and dreams coming true show up. I know, I don’t usually advise doing business with folks you meet in a Merc Retro, (only because you never get the full story) but something tells me that you need validation with…(fill in the blank)…perhaps that you’re not done yet. That you are valuable. Maybe you need to see it for yourself that you can take past talents and move forward in refreshing new ways? Some of you will be releasing past elders or mentors from your world and stepping into the ‘expert’ or ‘mentor’ role yourself. Yeah, you, Elder. We need your expertise. You are far from done! Dust off the dreams and get busy.


A potential job offer comes your way that causes you to wonder if you’re right for it. A few things to change about the way you do business, the way you perceive yourself or undervalue yourself in career, too. So when you bring your talents to the table, own them. If those around you aren’t ready for your brilliance, you’ll know. If you brag or try to outshine the clan or the boss, then you best know what you’re talking about. But for the most part, being seen as the answer to ‘their’ problem is cool, right? During any Mercury in Retrograde, it’s key that you not PROMISE something you cannot fulfill. (So many unexpected things come up in a retrograde.) Better to be on the side of caution and restraint for a few weeks. Whether you’re just starting out in a new career or life direction or are getting ready to retire, you’re sense of self ought to equal the validation you get from the outside world. And that’s cause for celebration in and of itself!


Many contracts need understanding if you’re to continue the way you’ve been in business and with partners. Get a professional to read between the lines to make sure you get what you need from any legal agreement. This includes marital to business to financial to educational. You might sign up for a course during this retrograde and find out later that it’s been cancelled and replaced with something you don’t need. Or you may be told you have everything you need for that trip overseas and when you get there are delayed at customs because you were misled. You may be a practitioner, an attorney, a CEO or looking for a patent. In any case, the laws are changing in your world which alters your status. Maybe it’s time for a promotion or the gold watch. Perhaps it’s time you stop being passed up for recognition in your office and move on. Whatever is ongoing, its changing rapidly. No hiding out in a school of fish that don’t support you! Be bold. Be informed. Sign on the dotted line ONLY after November 15. Then use your magical powers of vision and CREATE the world you want.

Stay tuned for the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio Forecast!

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