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Mercury Retrograde In Pisces: Dreamy!

Mercury in Retrograde in Pisces from February 23 through March 17.

Not only is Mercury, the planet that represents communication, in retrograde motion, it’s also in the watery & dreamy sign of Pisces. Wait! The Sun is in Pisces, Venus is in Pisces, Mars is in Pisces, and Neptune is in Pisces. Will we drown in a sea of dreams?

Well, dunno about that, but I do know that this is the month to revisit the dream. What is it anyway? What did you want to do years ago but never got around to it? What romantic notion did you have about your life, your home, or your business but blew it off because it wasn’t practical?

Maybe you’ve worked so hard at everything that right now, you feel like getting lost in films and dreaming of a different life? (Keep a notepad handy for brilliant notions!)

Pay close attention to those feelings around your creative ideas.

Do you suddenly negate them all over again? Do you follow through this time? Or do you get burned out, sitting in your chair, simply thinking about all the great stuff you could do? Do you have this idea that feels like sheer genius yet you think it can’t be done? (Or is it that you won’t allow yourself to do it?)

The month of March shows you something from the past: the dream, the romance of yore, the way we were, the possibility of what’s next, and the feeling that magic is real.

This month also shows you the addiction to the chemical or the negative or limiting behavior that makes you want to ingest the chemical. This just might be the month you decide to quit smoking or drinking alcohol to excess OR convince yourself that it’s really not so bad. The veil between what’s real and what feels real is thin. Then how do you know the shady deals from the authentic ones?

This is also the month to go within and trust your gut instincts!

Consider it metaphysical training month!

Within seconds of meeting someone, hearing information, or otherwise thinking a thought, you’ll know if that information is valid. Go ahead, test it out. Malcolm Gladwell wrote about it in his book, “Blink.” A fascinating look at the museum world and how the experts knew within seconds of encountering a statue, whether it was a real find or not.

The past always comes back in a retrograde; people, places, ideas, too. All asking you, “Are you done with me yet?”
I think a few moments of quiet meditation will give you the best possible answer!

P.S. Remember to add a week on either side of any Mercury in Retrograde to back up your data, then after the retrograde is over, to reboot your technology (and your brain).

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  1. Ewa says:

    Hurray! I love that old gas ball!I’ve always found chgane and innovation rather exciting when someone’s not doing to it *to* me, that is. I don’t really care for that kind of chgane. Of course, it’s all part of the deal. I’ve been a life-long believer in the best is yet to come, and while some of what you tell us is a bit disconcerting, it also beckons a new tomorrow. Yes, a lot of people are going to be very angry, but that’s what makes it revolutionary. We have no choice but to find solutions that move us forward. The alternative is stagnation.Another great article, Ellen.cj

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