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Faith in Unconditional Universal Love

Faith in Unconditional Universal LoveThe world is consistently aiming to push us back into the benevolence.

The stars woo us to remember all we ask is here. The doves sing to our hearts, asking us to hear the grace in each silent second. The winds grab our arms, embrace our backs, invite us to a wedding with ourselves!

On a trip back to my childhood town I stop by an old friend’s house. I enjoy the day with John and his family. Heading back from DC to Carderock my GPS does something unusual. The breeze coming through my car window gently massages my face like a loving husband. I am sent in odd zig zags and non-sensible patterns. Though I programmed the hotel into the GPS, I am mysteriously taken to my childhood house. This opens a deep trust in the universal wisdom. Here I feel the unconditional love my mother, Cory, and father, Ralph, gave to us and we to them. Here I feel the sweetness of eternity. Here I feel the union of the child who was here now with the adult who makes now a practice. I laugh at this. Beauty erupts from my heart, showers me,  fills me with love so profound that I shake in wonder.

The Divine Map wishes us to return to a neutral void of light in which all is welcome. In this place of self, the thoughts, emotions, and sensations pass though deep peace of heart like weather. The physical heart goes into the soul heart which only knows love. This heart goes into the universal heart which is endless waves of eternity.

In this kind of splendor cats reincarnate and cats resurrect. In the world of logic and proof I cannot fathom such occurrences. In the world of the universal heart this is the norm. I experience with my own cat Jessie.

When he dies he comes back five weeks later showing me all the same quirks, habits, and unique ways of himself. Looking me in the eyes for an hour, taking me into timeless placeless oneness beyond concept, he meets me in a home below all surfaces, all identities.

Thirteen years later when he has a series of strokes, his face freezes, his eyes glaze, his body stops. But seven of us pray on what appears to be his death bed. I tell him” I support you in leaving if you will and staying if you will”. He miraculously comes back to life. Now I trust the deep wellness, prosperity and love out of which I was talked by societal maps so many times. Now I jump in. And once I jump into this pool of light  there is no returning. Any other thought form or mood form is released from my body and mind which reveal themselves to be energetic maps. I take the steering wheel as the love takes me.

Many spiritual paths say surrender only.

This creates non functioning societies that lie to themselves. Many philosophies say take the steering wheel 100%. This creates egotistical will that is never fulfilled in joy. Incarnation is an artistry. This is its gift. It is a time to discover the graces of both choice and surrender as one creative journey.

I leave you with a poem.

The world was made with non-matching shoes

Socks that fall off the ankles and over the heals

I kick back at this world from time to time

Yet other days I choose to dissipate

Into the never ending waves of Tiger Lilies

The love that Lions roar

That smiling sky who’s care flows into the endless dimples


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