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Ghosts, Hauntings, And Bumps In The Night!

A psychic view of earthbound spirits

When I was young, I had many frightening experiences of being harassed by an unfriendly leprechaun-ish kind of ghost!  The first time was when I was about 3 or 4 years old. I woke up and saw this little character standing next to my toy box. I got up out of bed, walked towards him, asked “who are you?” then put my hand right through him. He squeaked and just disappeared.

I remember thinking maybe it was my Donald Duck hat from Disneyland that made a strange noise, but I squeezed my duck cap and realized it was not the same sound effect. So then I freaked. My mom told me that I came running in to the living room crying about this apparition.

Fast forward a year or two.

Now this guy shows up a few more times. Finally one night, on my usual midnight stroll, I was walking down the hall to go sleep with my parents when I was suddenly was pushed on the back of my legs! I knew it was my unwelcome friend. I ran, sprinted a quick left turn, leapt over the dog, and landed squarely in the middle of my parents’ bed! I screamed at my parents to look at this ghost as he stood in their doorway, smirking with one hand up on the wall, with one leg crossed over the other. Laughing, he disappeared again!

“Ok. That’s it! I’ve had it!” I can remember thinking. Although Lucky Charms was one of my favorite cereals, and I had no ill will against this cartoon mascot, I was determined to not be frightened by little strange men again! Well, even though I did continue to dream awake a few more times, I was a lot less stressed. When I was a little older, I would describe to my mother that I saw people & story book characters often walk around my room at night. As I grew up, I frequently suffered from night terrors, for years, always about something being possessed, demonic, or just out to get me!

Today, I realize that we are all powerful, spiritual beings, capable of remarkable creations, including those of fear. I now understand that we are in an amnesiac fog-like state, reliving many of our fears in order to transmute their effects-both individually and collectively.

You see, fear provokes a human pavlovian “powerlessness” response.

And since we are here on this earth plane to experience everything that we are not, we obediently give away our power & allow others to control us. Fear, in this dimension, is necessary to invoke courage. It also awakens our need to seek change & create peace.

For me, hell is not a place with monsters that suck our brains out. Instead, it is a mind-set of loss, grief, despair or separation.

What I’ve learned in all my years of spiritual practice is that when we ask what it is we truly fear, or why we need to experience it, our higher connection always comes through with unconditional answers.

In the meantime, we crave the thrill of the human drama –which does attract pain, fear & a few occasional ghosts! God knows, they need to be entertained too! Happy Halloween!


By Cindy Goldenberg, a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.