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Have You Been Feeling the Dizzys Lately–Could Be The Female Water Snake

Do you have the Dizzys this Month–It could be the Female Water Snake

Do you have the feeling of head pressure, ringing in the ears, or the ‘Dizzy’s this month?

Snake energy is at its highest this month. This year the kundalini in the spine is active. The Snake controls the kundalini and pineal gland. It is an awakening of the parts of spine and the brain that have laid dormant. The pineal gland is especially busy this year opening to new dimensions. So of course, all feels off balance and dizzy. To help offset this effect drink lots of water and eat bananas.

This year it is especially important to do balancing exercises and strengthen the legs and feet. The snake has no feet so the feet don’t feel like they are grounded this year. Carry stones in your pockets to literally connect you to the earth. This is a year of transformation on all levels of mind, body, spirit.

I have been telling people not to panic, next year’s wood horse will feel more grounded.

We will have roots. This year, go with the shifts~~ journal and pay attention what the inner voices are telling you to do. (It is easier to go with the flow than to fight it. The flow will win in the end so ‘let go’ to begin with)

Intuition is very high this year and bringing much anxiety to many because they aren’t sure if it is their thoughts or someone else’s. Just breathe through it. Close your eyes, slow your breathing.

I have had so many bouts with the ‘dizzys’ and ringing in my ears. Also people may experience more headaches, plugged feeling in the ears, and neck pain. Of course if you are concerned, go to your health care provider. (My disclaimer)

The good news is..the energy is highest this month and should dissipate each month now.

It has been building since May to this peak. By November we may start feeling somewhat normal again. Hope this helps.

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By Mary Shurtleff, a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.