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In Cahoots With The Universe

In Cahoots With The UniverseThose who know me are used to hearing me talk about the universe did this, and the universe did that.

I feel I’m in a relationship with greater forces, and that, so long as I align my consciousness with this field of energy and its many paths of unfolding, and as long as I keep my emotions serene and positive, I will be supported. The support, or aid, will come from an exterior source when it’s needed.

But in my mind I feel that I am drawing this exterior aid to me by the process called going with the flow.

Here’s an example that happened to me a few days ago:

I had driven to a quaint river town to meet my daughter for Mother’s Day, after which we had a wonderful overnight and said our goodbyes. Then I got into my car – a car that has a few years and miles on it, but is well taken care of – and tried to turn on the ignition to set out on the hour’s drive home. The ignition, alas, would not turn over, and it was pretty obvious that my battery was dead. My daughter was walking away towards a coffee shop, and I called out to her. She came back, ready to give me assistance. She had her jumper cables (although my husband had removed them from my trunk in order to make room for my luggage), so the two of us were going to figure out how to couple the cables.

Now, my daughter is assertive and independent, and would probably have been capable of doing the job by herself, but lo and behold, first a housekeeper at the inn poked her head out of the second floor window and offered to supply us with her jumper cables. Next, two men who had been working on the roof, unseen from the parking lot, appeared and said, hold on, we’re coming down, and another guy (whether their co-worker or yet another stranger) also instantly appeared in his red pickup, which he proceeded to back up and position correctly. So three guys made short shrift of the job, and my engine was up and running again.

Inside, I had a big smile because, although the dead battery was a sudden hindrance, at the very same time, right place, right circumstances, there they were! Helpers, sent by – what else? – the universe!

Today a much smaller instance occurred in which my husband, who still takes physical therapy three times a week for his knee surgery, happened to be under additional stress since he had an appointment afterwards with his surgeon – something he was awaiting for quite awhile – and the driver for the PT company was new and running very late. My husband recruited my help to drive him there instead. We had thirteen minutes to travel what ordinarily might be a fifteen or twenty minute drive. As we set off, my husband was under lots of pressure, feeling anxiety and impatience…but he kind of knows this philosophy. He took many deep breaths, sang a little song as we drove, worked hard inwardly to keep himself out of stress, out of anger, out of blame…and mellow. Surprisingly, we arrived with two minutes to spare!

It is part of the Great Work to align your emotions with the flow at all times, but most especially when you’re challenged by life.

There will always be hurdles, obstacles, aggravation. Your work is to stay centered, at peace, with faith that things will work out.

It is then that the universe collaborates with you because there’s no impediment. Your entire hormonal system stays calm, and the chemistry of your body is flowing, and your thoughts are positive. It’s very difficult work, but the pay-off is: you get to manifest the desired results, and sometimes you get blessed, protected, and benefitted even when you didn’t remember to ask.

Judi Thomases is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire online magazine.


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