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Inspired Action – Intuitive Intelligence

Being both intuitive and intellectual…

I personally love to have my intuition activated by interesting research or ideas that pop-up on my radar.

There is a substantial amount of research that demonstrates that many highly successful CEO’s and entrepreneurs meditate daily. They rarely use that particular word, instead they say they ‘take a time out’, or ‘rest their eyes’, or ‘relax’.  When they are tested taking a moment, resting their eyes, or relaxing, their brainwaves show that they are at the very least in the alpha brainwave, and often in the Theta brainwave, where belief change and access to intuition actually happens.

Getting to theta

It really doesn’t matter what technique you use to get to theta, the important thing for you expanded capacity is to get yourself to theta. There is a simple technique that I use that is based partly on information obtained from those amazing monks that spent a lifetime in Tibet opening to wisdom. You can find your own personal way, your own personal method to get to the Theta brainwave whether it be meditation, deep-relaxation techniques, even biofeedback. Choose that one that serves you best and makes the most sense to you.

The intuition age

Penny Peirce is one of the worlds leading experts on intuition and sensitivity.  She reports extensively on the fact that we have essentially left the Information Age and have entered the Intuition Age.  This means that you are expanding your capacity to work with your own energy fields and your own frequencies in order to function at a much higher state of awareness than most of us have been capable of before.

Whether you are searching for a new way to fulfill yourself in your work, in your relationships, or in a whole new way of being in the world in every way – you may be looking from the inside out, when the answers have always been within. Our science of quantum physics is abundant with research that demonstrates your innate capacity to change your mind, change your DNA and change your life experience.

If you have some options, and you don’t know which one to chose that will really give you the life you want, you definitely want to tap into your intuition because the information there contains the most profound information you require – it is the repository of all the things you know, all the lessons you have learned about what works for you, and all the information about what is fulfilling for you.

The theta brainwave state is the first brainwave level where you are actually in direct contact with your unconscious.

In alpha you can relax and release stress and tension, and in theta you are accessing brainwave levels where decision-making is based on intuition and deeper knowledge. Your successful experience of life today will require you to embrace the ability to track information quickly, relax into your higher brainwaves, and extract information from your clearer, intuitive centers.

You are in connection with all the knowledge you need all the time, and you can train yourself to allow access to that knowledge with ease and grace, either with guidance from a professional or by self-training. By making the choice to unlock the codes of your intuition, you can enter a state of perceptual aliveness to create your own personal success, and your own personal mastery.


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