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Think Pink—The Color Of LOVE!

Valentine’s day is coming up.

Some of us want chocolate. others want roses or fresh flowers. A few years back, In my younger days, I would have wanted one of those exotic sexy outfits I now see in the windows of those romantic stores. Sassy, fresh and flirtatious!

Today, I’ll settle for a nice pair of expand-o red undies from Wal-Mart! Practical and comfortable, I’m still happy to wrap my feminine parts in adventurous red!

So why do we celebrate a day dedicated to love with colors of Red and Pink?

Clairvoyantly speaking, Red is the color of our “physical” reality. It can represent strength, adventure or pain.

Additionally, “seeing red” can be interpreted as merely expressing our passion, or desiring something or someone so much that it literally envelops our physical being.

We often identify this color with patriotism, courage and leadership.

It can symbolize a call to action, boldness, or a stubborn thirst for conquest.

It is also the color of our root chakra—the energy vortex that keeps us connected to our tangible reality.

Although, in truth, we are all made from love, we still have a need to express it in this human dimension. Having the courage to invoke love and attract romance takes courage and commitment, especially to being vulnerable.

It also means we have to experience fear.

Depending on the specific question asked, I often see red around someone if they are experiencing any doubts, inadequacy or rebellion. Rather than seeing this as a weakness, I interpret the red as a color of being physically present, willing to express a feeling so delicate that it is capable of wounding the soul.

Fearing not being loved, or appreciated, can easily escalate into rage, which is really a frequency of strength being magnetized into physical reality, or anger. Without separating the need from a desire, we unfortunately create the experience of being neglected.

In other words, it’s up to us to identify the desire to love and be loved as an integral part of our essence, yet separate the need to experience love in a physical sense as the only way to have it.

We are always loved, valued and unconditionally supported regardless of our awareness to spirit.

So how can we develop a sense of trust and attract better, healthier, loving relationships?

By thinking pink!

When we invoke a sense of wonder and possibility, we exude a healing vibration of willingness, which creates a lovely, pure white light. It is the color of knowingness, nothingness, thought, stillness, and presence. It is a non-color, or crystal light frequency– a combination of all our chakra colors into one. It represents our oneness to God, Light, Christ-Consciousness, Universal Light, Eternity.

When we are still, quiet or consciously non-reactive, we can actually steer that magical part of our essence into the Universe’s ethereal pure potential. By letting go and allowing our minds to drift and our bodies relax, we open a window to a stratosphere of gentle guidance that ignites our awareness with inspiration, synchronicity and epiphanies.

And when we catch ourselves in this state, we can combine this naturally available higher white light into our physical red awareness and instantly create pink— the color of “Absolute Love!”

Pink is the color that says:

“Yes, I love who I am and what I have to share!”
“Yes, I accept who I am and forgive myself for thinking that I was not enough!”
“Yes, I relish the joy that I have in my heart!”

Because the universe is always attracting physical experiences that reflect our subconscious thoughts, take time to write and speak powerful words and declarations of self-acceptance, worth, and love!

“I am love.”
I deserve love.”
I have healthy, loving, successful relationships in my life!”
“My life is filled with love, abundance and joy!”

This Valentine’s day, invoke, envision and surround yourself with pink colors to ignite all the love you have within. Celebrate your talents, virtues, personality traits, desires…everything about yourself!

Recognize your greatness. Acknowledge your courage and willingness to participate in this life.

Focus on the light that resides within your heart, and may love manifest for you in many surprising ways!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Cindy Goldenberg is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.

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