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Your Values Show Your Soul Evolution

Inside Of InsideI was reading an interesting article in an astrology trade journal which made the point that, despite some stereotypes about astrologers in the popular culture . . .

regarding them as manipulative fortune tellers – or worse! – when a small but scientific survey was conducted to ascertain astrologers’ associations with lower or higher states of consciousness development, the results indicated that as a group astrologers fell on the high end far more than the low end of the attitudes that reflect spiritual awareness.

For example, when given questions to be answered positively or negatively, such as “Do you look out for Number One?”, or “More or less, I feel that I am on my own, in competition with others around me.”, or “It is generally unsafe to change the way we do things.”, astrologers mostly disagreed.  However, when asked to strongly agree or strongly disagree with quite different types of statements, such as “Although we may hold different views and ideas, at a deep level we are all fundamentally equal.”, or “All things are interdependent, and what we do to one part of reality, we do to the whole.”, astrologers tended to respond in the positive.

This interesting study, “Western Professional Astrologers’ Identification with Developmental Levels of Consciousness”, by Armand Diaz, categorized peoples‘ mindsets at seven different levels, which he named as Naive/Magical, Egocentric, Conformist/Traditionalist, Achievement/Modern, Affiliative/Humanistic, Integral, or Transcendant.  The results for all participants were lowest for astrologers in Egocentrism, higher in Humanistic, and highest of all in Integral or Transcendant, indicating that most professional astrologers, while being considered by the mainstream as outsiders, clearly identify with higher levels of consciousness, at least insofar as this survey’s results.

This puts me in mind of a wonderful book [reviewed by me in June 2009 Spirit’s Words] called “Power vs Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior”, by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D, in which he presents a chart of levels of consciousness similar to the categories mentioned in the astrology magazine.  His chart is called The Map of Consciousness, and has many categories starting with the lowest at Shame, and moving up to Full Enlightenment, with numerous shades in between, and wonderful descriptions of the emotions and the lifeview at each level.

To me, as an astrologer who works continuously with people at different mindsets and at different levels of consciousness, I think many things would boil down to the values one holds.

If you are at a low consciousness value system, what is worthwhile and important to you might be anything from survival to getting over on another person to establishing your dominance over others.  At a mid range value system, you might look to achieve personal gain and feel you were playing the game well if you learned how to maneuver, manipulate, and get the world’s three young-soul brass rings: fame, fortune or power.  And what you deemed worthwhile for the expenditure of your energies and resources would be directed towards that, whether or not that brought serenity and joy.

But if you were at higher stages of conscious development, your values would have shifted to that which served all of humanity or which helped a positive cause for the planet or its creatures including humankind, and your energies would be dedicated to that type of service, and your mindset would value not necessarily personal gain but the welfare of others.  You would dedicate your energies, your time, and your resources in that direction.

Finally, when your spiritual development was very great, your values would require that everything that you do, everything you are, is in the service to God (Universe, Primary Source).

Now, these concepts vary between individuals, but there is a generalized consensus regarding what is valuable at each level of understanding.  For newbie souls, it isn’t a mistake or a failing to want to simply survive.  For more advanced souls, it’s appropriate to value success and attainment.  But it can be a reflection of the person’s spiritual growth when their values do seem to be focused upon the greater good and the Golden Rule.  That’s when a glimmer of spiritual wisdom peeks through.

For those who are able to assess people’s values, it’s a good tool.  For astrologers who are primarily anchored in the higher levels of values, you can be sure that the client will have enough lifting experience and will be guided well into their next choices and their chosen path regardless of their own level of spiritual development.

It’s wise to follow the wise guide.

Judi Thomases is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire online magazine.


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