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Solar Eclipse In Taurus On May 9th & 10th

Here comes the Sun…do do do doooo…along with the Solar Eclipse at 19 degrees of Taurus.

What does it mean? The things you’ve been working toward are at hand (with a few surprises, too)! But the past comes up for review first.

How does this work? An Eclipse cycle is approximately 19 years. The Solar Eclipse in Taurus happened 19 years ago and will happen 19 years from now (just as the upcoming Lunar Eclipse on May 25 occurred 19 years ago and will repeat itself in approximately 19 years from now).

The question is…Are you ready to see the patterns that surround your VALUES during this Solar Eclipse in Taurus? Some of your patterns have held you back and some have propelled your forward. If you have everything you could possibly have and want then you’re in tune. But…if you’d like to have it all without working so darn hard then utilize the Eclipse energy (through June) like riding a wave toward the shore of your dreams!

Keep in mind that what you value you’ll most likely act on, and eventually manifest into real life: job, health, relationships, money, beliefs, attitudes, grudges, boundaries (or lack of), ‘failures’ and ‘successes,’ too.

Every Eclipse is an opportunity to fast-track your awareness, your goals, your desires, and your healing. Sometimes, before we can move forward, we must look back. Go ahead, grab your calendars and look back in time to approximately 1994/1995. What age were you? What were the issues around feeling Secure or Insecure? What were you focused on at that time regarding your VALUES? What were your gripes? Why did you procrastinate? What motivated you?

I checked in with my husband, Dean, to ask and answer these very questions. Looking back 19 years I had just moved from one coast to the other and my ‘in-house’ business suddenly went virtual! (Literally, like in a week!) I had more business via phone than ever before, but no one came to my home office like they did on the East coast. Little did I know how much I VALUED ALONE TIME AND PRIVACY until I had it every day!

I started the seeds of an idea for a novel. I sought ways to increase my visibility through networking with groups and developing a web site that reflected my metaphysical beliefs and values.

Today, 19 years later, I’m about to launch my third web site. I’m doing much more affiliate collaborations, and I’m working on my second historical fiction novel in my ‘Sign of the Times’ series. Life is progressing beautifully and yet I look back and think, “Why the heck did it take so long to charge my worth? Why did it take so long to finish my first novel? Why did it take so long to let folks know about my Astrological and Intuitive Mastery work?”

When the past comes up for review, it helps to actually review it!

Now is the time to have a plan of action. Put those dreams into motion. Take a cue from your own past and have a strategy so that 19 years from now, your VALUES aren’t just inching their way up the charts.

Your VALUES statement of the month?  “I matter because my matter is Divine!”

Let’s see what Cosmic Light this Solar Eclipse sheds on all of the signs.

ARIES- Your money and what you truly value about your talents. If you’re afraid to charge your worth, then it’s time to do some work around VALUING self. A financial opportunity lands in your lap by the end of June. Who hoo! P.S. Please don’t take financial advice from someone who has no money!

TAURUS- It’s all about you bull. Write down what your ‘perfect day’ looks like. Take extra good care of your body now. Whatever healing needs to happen, the Cosmos will point you in the healthiest direction. TRUST the signs and listen to your body!

GEMINI- It’s clear that a huge part of you is exhausted from being the valued friend, lover, mom, dad…but do you value you? Well, if you value your sanity, now is the time to make peace with your fears. In fact, see your fears as small children who need to grow. Encourage yourself to stand up for yourself. Then sit down if you want to! It’s all about your choice.

CANCER- There’s a motivator in your circle (of business or friends) who actually is a Taurus (or Taurus Rising sign) who’s showing up to give you a break! And to teach you how to increase your VALUES (which also means cash, too)! The group calls your name. Be clear about why you’re with them and pennies from heaven.

LEO- The career picture is huge. What you want from home life is equally important. Big changes in both arenas by June’s end. Collaborative efforts help you heal that old wound (that you think you’re not enough). So let go, let the Cosmic forces show you the money! (And the new home?)

VIRGO- This eclipse supports you big time! What’s your message? What kinds of contracts do you have with the Universe and biz partners? Make a plan that includes travel or at least meditation to help you free your mind. You have the power to teach a class that puts your talents on the map.

LIBRA- It’s all about jointly held resources. If you and your partner share responsibilities then it’s time to invest in your mutual future. If THEY support you then it’s time you invest more in your spiritual growth so you can apply that to your worldly contribution or to the partnership. If YOU do all the work then it’s time to ask your partner to step up. The whole idea is what you value in the term ‘OURS.’

SCORPIO- All about partnerships. First with a spouse (or lack of one) and then with a business partner. If you’re looking for clues then be open to a Taurean type person who points out a truth. Might not feel great at first, but in the bigger picture you’ll realize the power of intimacy. In To Me You See is your new motto!

SAGITTARIUS- Let’s look at your health, your hormones, your thyroid, your neck and vocal chords. All in working order? Great! Then the healing VALUES are sprinkled over your work scenario like faerie dust. Hard work, yes, but at what cost? (refer to the first sentence). It’s time to get office help or ask for support!

CAPRICORN- This Eclipse supports your earthy self. Lighten up! Play. Write. Sing. Dance. It’s time to stop the reward system–where you have to work like a mule tied to a rope before you allow yourself the joy of being. Creative ideas flow so problem solve those issues! Make way–the answer cometh.

AQUARIUS- Your entire home life is about to change. Mother issues might prompt the whole damn thing, so whether you move or get pregnant or see the kid off to college, or forgive your own mom, you’re looking for your true identity. It’s there. Make a space by meditating each day on what you value about your self and how that self is connected to something greater.

PISCES- This is the time to speak your truth. Before you can do that, you might need to reflect on what you’ve already promised others. Your previous contracts may not accurately represent who you are now. These contracts might be marital or business or spiritual, but at the end of the day, you need to be CLEAR on what you VALUE so you can course-correct.

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