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The Winding Down Of The Female Water Snake – What Does The Rest Of The Year Hold?

As the year 2013 and the Female Water Snake begin slithering in, it became the undoing of many as they were asked to shed their old ways and skin and adopt new ways.

Endings and beginnings, death and rebirth are difficult and cause one to restructure belief systems and start anew.

New Beginning are often disguised as painful ending~~ Lao Tzu

The Year 2013 was definitely a year of explosive beginnings. On February 12th right after the Pope Benedict announced his resignation, the Vatican was struck by lightening, not once but twice. Jorge Mario Bergoglio would then be elected to be the 266th Pope of the Catholic Church. Bergoglio picked the papal name of Francis in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi. Pope Francis is the first Jesuit Pope and the first pope from South America. He is a humble man who through the year has changed protocol within Vatican City.

Politically in 2013, we have seen violent upheavals in the Middle East and Syria, with Russia and China joining forces against the United States. We witnessed turmoil in Egypt and Turkey with violent rioting that left many dead and a government unstable. North Korea and Kim Jong-Un reared his head and threatened attacks against United States bases. There were so much violence worldwide and many threats of war and the overthrowing of governments last year that even the press had a hard time keeping up.

This year, our own United States government was shutdown in October due to the two parties lack of ability to get along. The aspect in the East of the Ba-gua symbolizing conflict in family and DNA programming could have been that culprit. The solutions are a temporary fix and will easily extend into next year.

The Boston Marathon bombings in April, which killed 3 people and injured many hundreds, devastated the American people and again heightened security in the United States. Two brothers from Chechen, motivated by extreme Islam beliefs were thankfully not connected to a larger terrorist organization. One brother was killed and the other remains in custody.

This last year I watched many people quite their jobs and end long-term relationships. I saw many literally transition from the earth plane to the spiritual realm; many of who were completely healthy and succumbed to short shocking terminal illnesses.

This year has lots of ups and downs and left many wondering where the year went and what just happened. 

Blessed are they who expect nothing, for they shall not be disappointed.

What Does The Rest Of The Year Hold?

Since the year is winding down, you can expect more of the same as the energy–a year still transforming and shedding. The last two months of the year will still be a bit unstable and unpredictable.

In November, we may have a surge of illness either in the form of a flu outbreak, food poisoning, and/or a surge of other stomach problems. Take care with your hygiene. Take extra enzymes to help the body process food. My favorite is papaya/ pineapple/ and chlorophyll enzyme available in your grocery store pharmacy or health food store.

Wealth lies in the Southeast this month.  Place extra plants or bamboo in this space for clarity and growth. There may be conflict with family and friends this month. We may see more instability in government dealings and company policies. Place a tree and a bucket of water in the east to buffer this energy.  Disperse 100% therapeutic essential oils within the home. You may wish to chose from an orange, lavender, patchouli, ylang ylang oils or use blends from Young Living called Harmony, Clarity, or Awaken. Frankincense is always a good choice to use for spiritual shifting in your emotions. You may put them in a spray bottle (10 drops to 8 oz.  water) and spray your body and your home.  www.youngliving.org/designwisdom

December is a transitioning month. The energy of the 2014 Trojan Stallion will start emerging around the Winter Solstice (December 21, 2013) as the energy of the Feminine Water Snake starts to wane and the energy of the Yang Wood Horse begins to arrive. The Snake is metaphysical; the horse physical. The Horse is carefree and an optimist. They love to roam free and hate confinement.

In December 2013 and January 2014, many may begin to feel a restlessness and recklessness in the winter months that they have not felt in pervious years. We will see much cabin fever. We may also see the beginning of break-ups, breakouts, and breakdowns as people try to process this swift moving energy. Use clear crystals in your home and on your body to process the energy. Use the above essential oil combos to help calm the mind and create a peace of mind.

Since the horse is high fire energy and needs wood and sun to thrive, be sure to get out into nature and the sunlight to feed the soul and keep your endorphins up. We may see more people vacationing more in the months of January 2014 then in the past.

By the time the Trojan Stallion officially gallops into our lives on the second new moon of the year he may already be full steam ahead.

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