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Using Astrology To Make Wise Choices

Using Astrology To Make Wise ChoicesYou can think of astrology as a map.

The horoscope wheel is a two-dimensional representation of what was in the sky when you took first breath, and it forms a pattern of energy. Each day, each week, each month, and each year the pattern of the sky changes, and so this new pattern interacts with your static pattern, which is called “the natal horoscope”. Tracking the new alignments with your crystallized pattern created at your birth, astrologers follow much the same technique as NASA tracks planetary positions to launch space shots, using a reference book called an Ephemeris. (The word “ephemeral” means short-lived or transitory.)

Some of one’s natal chart patterns are challenging or difficult, and some are pleasant and creative. Almost everyone has some of each characteristic. Therefore, when we look at what’s happening in the sky now, and compare it to your birth picture, we can see the timing of events and the quality of the upcoming new energy relationships. This allows astrologers to predict accurate timing and also to guide or counsel the client away from problems and towards solutions. Sometimes, the problem can’t be completely avoided but it can be mitigated. Sometimes, the opportunity is there but it’s not obvious. So the astrologer wants to help remove distress while encouraging potential.

One of the best things about astrology is directly related to the ephemeris.

Astrology, when applied intelligently, is very accurate regarding dates because we see the celestial patterns coming into formation, peaking, and then waning. The timing of these events varies because planets move at different rates; the Moon, being Earth’s satellite, moves fastest of all. The symbolism of these celestial events has been validated over centuries. It works whether or not we have an exact explanation for its mechanism.

Here are some of the types of questions that astrology can address: It can address career. The initial pattern – your birth horoscope – will show talents and vocational interests. The yearly update will give insights as to whether a career is blossoming, succeeding, or on its way down. Astrology can help you launch a product, pitch a sale, hire the right person for the job, and maximize your success days. It also can give insight into financial matters including raises, promotions, and investments. (There are astrologers who special in the stock market, for example.) Regarding love life, astrology is excellent for comparing two people’s patterns, can pinpoint where areas of tension lie, or answer the very familiar question, “When will I find love?” Astrology can help people choose between toxic relationships and beneficial ones, between short-lived and long-lasting. In regard to relationships, astrology can even help parents understand and nurture their children. Astrology is excellent for questions regarding health, and can warn against low energy periods, can have some insight into the nature of the disease and the area of the body in which it takes place (although it does not presume to diagnose or take the place of a professional health provider). It has perception into the duration of a disease. There are many types of questions to which astrology offers insight and understanding.

Finally, the slogan that astrologers are taught to adhere to is, “Astrology impels, it does not compel.” This means that it can be used to guide, advise, and encourage. But in the end, the client uses free will to decide. In my opinion, life would be far smoother if everyone consulted, or learned the skill, of an astrologer.

Judi Thomases is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire online magazine.

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