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Your January 2013 Vibration Is A New Sensation

What’s the new year all about?

2013 is the Chinese Year of the Water Snake, a Numerological ‘6’ Vibration, and the year to see the ‘Sign post up ahead’…the Twilight Zone? Nah, your 2013 Numerological Forecast.

First let’s look at your Numerology. Grab out a piece of paper, a pencil…and if you’re math illiterate like me…an eraser and a calculator. We’re going to do a bit of ‘fadic’ addition. That’s where you add numbers until you’re left with only one digit.

Okay, part one. Write down your birth-day and your birth month. Example: I was born on May 3, so my birth day is ‘3’ and my birth month is ‘5.’ I add them together to get ‘8.’

If you were born in a double-digit month such as October, November or December just keep adding your numbers laterally until you come up with one number.  Example: November 16…November is an ’11’ month. Add ‘1’ plus ‘1’ to get ‘2.’ Now add the ‘2’ to the birth day-16. Again, add the numbers in the birthday together like this: ‘1’ plus ‘6’ equals a ‘7.’ Add that ‘7’ plus the original ‘2’ to get a ‘9.’

Confused yet?

No? I’m impressed. You and my husband Dean have the same math gene. It’s what I call a super power and what he calls a skill. Tomayto vs. Tomahto.

Once you have your solid, single digit number we’re ready for part two.

Now let’s add the year, 2013, in fadic addition style. That looks like this: 2 + 0 + 1 + 3 = 6

Your Birth Day and Birth Month numbers are (we’ll use mine as an example): 5 + 3 = 8

Now add the two sums together: 6 + 8 = 14

But wait…14 needs more fadic addition. 1 + 4 = 5

5 is my Vibration for the year 2013. But what does it mean?

Every number carries a vibe, just like everything else in this world, because everything is energy. Energy is motion. In Numerology, what do the numbers vibrate?

1 = New beginnings. Starting over. The first few months of a number 1 year mean you’ve just let go of a lot of ‘stuff’ in the previous year and you’re ready for a fresh start. There will be some residue from last year so make it a priority to tie up loose ends by June. Then you’re free and clear to innovate! The whole purpose of this year is be grateful for the opportunities. Make ‘gratitude’ your daily mantra and watch how fast you magnetize possibilities to you! You may want to break free from past relationships to so you can say, “I did it all by myself!” Okay, that’s cool. Just keep your healthy relationships abreast of your giddy glee.

2 = Partnerships and learning how to collaborate effectively. You may have gone it alone last year, but truly, separation of body-mind-spirit means a you’ll need a bit of tweaking for realignment this year. This is an empathic year. Put yourself in ‘their’ place. Instead of the ‘me vs. them’ scenario, think in terms of CO-OPERATION. This is also a year to realize that you’ve kept yourself apart from…? Fill in the blank. The number ‘2’ is also broken down into the Master Number, 11. Imagine a gateway between the numbers. Enter into any partnership with wholeness and compassion in mind and you’ll go far! Remember that form follows thought.

3 = Communication. Talk is cheap. Talking out of both sides of your mouth. ‘All you wanna do is talk, talk.’ This is a year to be conscious of your motives and intentions. Your words will heal or harm. Be mindful of your unconscious ‘victim’s’ voice. Every time you say something, stop, pause then FEEL if what you just said still holds true for you. This is a terrific year to promote your ideas. But remember that talking is fine as long you LISTEN with your ears and your heart. Allay fears with honest communication. Spread the word about your dreams and your loyal fans will take it from there.

4 = Get to work. There’s no other way to say ‘nose to the grindstone.’ Roll up your sleeves for a year of setting your dreams into motions. You talked a lot about them last year, so now is the time to apply daily steps toward actualization. This number is also the Master Number, 22. This version of the number ‘4’  is CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING. So you don’t always feel like you’re a mule tied to a rope, come up with alternative solutions (no, not cutting corners) but real innovation. This is the year to realize that the ‘HOW’ can come from other sources than just your brain. Whew…relief.

5 = Media, play, courage, freedom. Your new motto is, “Let’s get this party started!” But do be careful of being too distracted. Your urge to break free from last year makes you want to eat more, play more, for sure. But the whole purpose of this year is to move beyond your fears with unconventional means; write, sing, paint, dance, recite poetry, play multi-dimensional video games, travel, expand your mind. What makes you feel free? Focus on the dream. Use the media, your courage and delight to find your freedom. What’s your reward for being and having worked so hard already? This is the year to move toward your dreams without hesitation. Be the writer/director/producer of your own world! CUT…that’s a wrap!

6 = Family, community, service, hearth. Last year, you’ve sewn a few oats, as they say. But now it’s time to give back with gratitude. You may start a family or volunteer or work with a group toward a mutual goal. Children and parents need you more this year, as do your friends and associations like the PTA. This is also a Master Number when broken down to 33. This is the Cosmic Vibration of the ‘Larger Family.’ The reason you came to this Earth is to serve a particular demographic. They show up this year. Have tea and cookies handy.

7 = Solitude, reflection, meditation, inner-search for meaning. Had enough of being the Ann Landers last year? Now you’re ready to reflect, to go within to deepen your connection to your Source. This is the year Life pushes you inward every time you push outward for concrete financial results. Clean out closets (physical ones and emotional ones, too). Study courses will help you with next year. Examine your being. Meditate. Experiment with vibrational healing techniques such as the Bodhi Brainstorm theta wave audio (http://www.urmodernmystic.com/brainstorm) and Bio Veda Laser treatments. Explore your inner world and you’ll come out ahead next year in galactic ways!

8 = Big business, money, the ’cause’ appears. This is the year to manifest your desires big time. Before you can do A Business, you must do Your Business. That’s what last year was about. With hope you discovered some gems in your psyche and now you’re ready to use this Master Number (44) to take what you’ve learned and apply it in the world. Engage your Relationship to money and to the flow of Conscious Creation. Put biz ideas into motion and ride the wave toward success. Lots of details this year so let the realization sink in that you cannot do it all by yourself.

9 = The endings before the beginnings, the culmination of your body-mind actions, and humanitarianism. Last year propelled you forward, absolutely. Now is the time to weed out what no  longer serves: people, places, ideas, habits, junk in your drawers. Do you see the cycle? The first half of this year will be all business and busy-ness, and ultimately selfless service to others. But what’s your motion all about? It’s time to pull back by the second half of the year and eliminate the unecessary motion. You’re getting ready to start over next year so let go. Hone your talents. Set healthy boundaries. Trust in your evolution. Trust in the fact that you are Pure Conscious Love and able to leap tall fears in a single bound.

Stay tuned for your Astrological Overview of 2013 in upcoming posts!

Elaine Marolakos Edelson is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.