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Podcast: Dealing With A Loved One With Alzheimer’s

Podcast: Dealing With A Loved One With Alzheimer's

Close to 16 million family members now find themselves in the challenging, often exasperating, role as a primary ‘caregiver’ to a Loved One afflicted with Alzheimer’s. Our guest, Steve Goldstein was such a person, forced into a role he was ill prepared for, and one which, due to its nature, made him, and so many others like him, question their own sanity. He tells his story in the book The Dunwoody Journal.

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Dealing With A Loved One With Alzheimer’s

  • What is it about this particular disease that makes it so difficult, perhaps even to the point of soul crushing, for family caregivers beyond what other caregivers contend with relative to other degenerative health conditions?
  • Having lived through such a situation from its beginnings to its inevitable end, what guidance or support can you offer those who currently find themselves struggling in a similar place?
  • Outside of the disease and its direct impact on the afflicted and the caregiver, what other stressors and issues often cause havoc?
  • Your book has many humorous, even raw situations. Many would state Alzheimer’s is nothing to laugh about. Why is it?
  • If listeners take away nothing else from this podcast, what is the one thing you hope they retain and act on?

Find Steve Goldstein’s book, The Dunwoody Journal on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and through other book sellers. For those feeling trapped, even desperate, in such a situation, and there are many, this book won’t necessarily change your present reality. But it may provide you with a much-needed respite and a license to smile, and perhaps even laugh again – something you may have thought was no longer possible.

 Steve Goldstein can be reached at stevie554@icloud.com.

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