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Podcast: How To Take An Idea For Product & Make It A Reality

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Christina Daves is a serial entrepreneur and award-winning inventor.

In 2010, an unfortunate accident resulted in a broken foot and an awful medical boot.

Her search for a way to dress up the boot led to the founding of her company, CastMedic Designs, and the creation of MediFashions, accessories to make medical devices fashion-forward.

Christina wants the injured to have a more positive recovery by healing in style and experiencing The Healing Power of Fashion®”.

How to take an idea for a product and make it a reality.

  • Why do you start with a focus group?
  • Once you’ve done the research, should you hire a lawyer?
  • Do you need to patent your idea or invention?
  • How do you find a quality manufacturer? What are the common mistakes?
  • What about distribution? How did LinkedIn help you?
  • How do you keep your passion burning through the whole process?

To learn more about Christina Daves and CastMedic Designs, please visit HealInStyle.com and also check out their blog at TheHealingPowerOfFashion.com for lots of great information!

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