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Podcast: Aging In America & The Coming Elder Boom

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Angil Tarach-Ritchey is an experienced, passionate and respected elder care advocate who is working hard to wake boomers up to the truth regarding the impending Elder Boom crisis.

She is a Registered Nurse, Bestselling Author and Consultant with extensive media experience including CNBC, Reuters and many other outlets across the country.

Angil is author of the book Behind the Old Face: Aging in America and the Coming Elder Boom. The Elder Boom Foundation is the result of Angil’s lifelong work and commitment and was created to help protect our most valuable asset, our aging family. Please find more information on The Elder Boom Foundation at Elderboom.org (ed link to Elderboom.org)

Aging in America and the Coming Elder Boom

  • How has senior care evolved in the past 40 years? Has it become better or worse?
  • What is the impending “Elder Boom” crisis?
  • Can this crisis be avoided? How?
  • What’s the key to reducing healthcare costs?
  • What can listeners do to protect themselves and their families to prepare for their retirement years?

To learn more about Angil Tarach-Ritchey and her advocacy work, please visit ElderBoom.org and get your free preview her book, Behind the Old Face: Aging in America and the Coming Elder Boom which is available in Amazon.com

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