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Podcast: From Tragedy To Triumph, An Inspirational Story

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In the early morning hours of March 7, 1999, Justina Page’s life changed forever when a four-alarm house fire ravaged and destroyed her family’s home. In the aftermath, in addition to the heartbreaking loss of one of her 22-month twin boys, Justina had to cope with the physical injuries left behind on both her and their surviving sons.

Out of the ashes of this tragedy an ember of hope sparked lighting a path for her award-winning book, The Circle of Fire, which chronicles her triumphant journey to full life.

Justina experienced a very horrific situation with losing her son, injuries to multiple family members and the loss of all of her possessions. Yet against all the odds she went on to become an author, found a nonprofit, speak professionally, create a documentary, and many other impressive awards.

From tragedy to triumph

  • After so much loss, pain and heartbreak, how did you go on and not just give up?
  • Can you share the story that set the foundation for your book?
  • How did you move forward after a catastrophic life event? How can others?
  • You definitely have a story of tragedy to triumph. What does triumph look like to you?
  • What message would you like to leave with your listeners?

Justina Page is the author of the award-winning book The Circle of Fire, that details her inspirational journey of discovering how something positive can be salvaged from every agonizing experience. Justina is the Founder and Executive Director of The Amos House of Faith which supports families affected by burn trauma.

To find out more about Justina Page and to purchase her book, please visit her at TheCircleOfFireBook.com and her nonprofit site at  TheAmosHouseOfFaith.org.

Justina is a JenningsWire blogger.  Visit her column Heart, Beauty, and True Confidence.

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