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Podcast: Healing The Heart With Meditation

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Dr. Ruth Starseed is a licensed psychotherapist and director of Relaxation International. She holds a PhD in holistic health sciences and is an adjunct professor at Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia, where she teaches Health Psychology Mind-body Connection. As a starseed lightworker, Ruth disseminates information about spiritual light on earth.

Ruth is the author of For Starseeds: Healing The Heart – Pleiadian Crystal Meditation that presents 28 crystal meditations that help readers embark on a spiritual journey and grow in their minds, bodies and spirits. Ruth says her meditations aid in experiencing higher consciousness, alleviate stress and increase positive psychological health.

Healing the heart with meditation

  • The first question we have to ask is, what is a “starseed”?
  • What does it mean that we come into this life as spiritual beings of light and leave this life as spiritual beings of light?
  • How do crystals enhance and help heal body mind and spirit?
  • Why is a daily practice of meditation important to do and how can beginners start?
  • How does serving others help a person to heal themselves.

To find out more about Dr. Ruth Starseed and her book, For Starseeds: Healing The Heart – Pleiadian Crystal Meditation  please visit her  website at RelaxationInternational.com

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