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Podcast: How Is Your Spirit Working For You?

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Mary Ann Sheveland is the author of Journey of My Heart, A Memoir. In her book, she shares her personal experiences with her husband’s terminal heart disease.  This was a journey that lasted nineteen years yet through the entire crisis there was much love and our dreams were met on a modified basis.

This is a love story that shows all of the major lifestyle changes, followed by financial hardships and grief/recovery and a meaningful testimony from a wife’s perspective. A torch is shown on a topic that is often avoided and gives a human, not clinical response to the illness and relationship.

Throughout the years of her husband’s illness people repeatedly asked her the same question “How can you personally continue with one crisis after the other?”  Mary created a post for JenningsWire that relates to her story.  It’s called “How Is Your Spirit Working For You?”

Topic: How Is Your Spirit Working For You?

  • In your post on JenningsWire, called How’s Your Spirit Working For You, that is based on your book, Journey of My Heart, you say you listen to the beat of your life?
  • Why do you say that sometimes you need to move of your comfort zone?
  • What are some other secrets to living a happy life?
  • How do people move through even the most difficult times such as death of a loved one?

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