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Podcast: Ignite Your Staff

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Dr. Leah Hollis, president of Patricia Berkly LLC and healthy workplace advocate has done extensive research on workplace bullying, harassment and retaliation.

Leah serves as a graduate professor in leadership studies, training students in best practices for innovative leadership.  She also offers trainings and workshops to those striving to create and maintain a healthy workplace.

Listen to “Ignite Your Staff” and get the increased productivity and innovative problem solving from your colleagues and direct reports.

  • What are the threats to a healthy workplace?
  • What is the cost of an unhealthy workplace?
  • Aside from cost, why is it so important to have a psychologically/emotionally safe place to work?
  • Why is bullying on the rise?
  • What are recommended best practices for organizations creating and maintaining a healthy workplace?

If you are looking for ways to inspire your staff, deal with a bully or engage in team building, Dr Leah Hollis has trained companies nationwide in developing respect in the workplace. Her training is engaging, and scalable to the client’s request.  Contact her through www.diversitytrainingconsultants.com

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