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Podcast: Romantically Challenged

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Selena Templeton, who after a long string of failed relationships, began to recognize a pattern.  She was always dating men who were unavailable, either physically or emotionally.  

In her JenningsWire blog, Romantically Challenged, she shares stories—sometimes comedy, sometimes tragedy—and thoughts about what she has learned during her dating escapades.

Selena discusses her number one lesson learned and it’s that you’ll always attract the quality of man (or woman) that parallels how you feel about yourself.

  • What do you mean when you say “you’ll always attract the quality of man that parallels how you feel about yourself”?
  • Why do you say you are “doomed to make the same mistakes” unless you try something different?
  • Does that hold true for most people who have trouble finding a good relationship for themselves?
  • If have a history of troubled relationships, is it a good idea to take yourself of out the game for a bit? Why?
  • Why is so important to a person’s happiness to take a good look at how their relationships wind up and then change?

To find out more about Selena Templeton and her new red-hot romance novel, “Highland Games” please visit her website www.selenatempleton.com

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