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Podcast: Steps To A Successful Business Disaster Preparedness Plan

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Yehuda Cagen, of Xvand Technology Corporation, is a cloud computing company that specializes in enabling clients to work uninterrupted through natural disasters. Yehuda shares the steps businesses can take to develop a successful disaster preparedness plan.

Business Disaster Preparedness Plan

  • What’s the first step small business should take to prepare for disasters? (Hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters)
  • What should be included in a disaster plan? How often should it be tested?
  • Should small businesses consider outsourcing disaster preparedness?
  • What’s the best way to find an outsourcing partner for DR planning?
  • Describe an example of a successful disaster preparedness plan.

Yehuda Cagen spearheaded Xvand Technology’s efforts to educate business leaders on the disaster preparedness benefits of the cloud through the business-focused eBooks, whitepapers, webinar series, and cloud computing tools he developed.

To find out more about Yehuda Cagen and Xvand Technology Corporation, a firm that provides businesses of all sizes with IT Consulting and Remote PC Support, please visit Isutility.com

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