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Podcast: The Broken Heart’s Solution

JenningsWire blogger, Dr. Laurie Moore, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has helped countless people heal from broken hearts, no matter how deeply torn inside they felt.

In this podcast, Laurie discusses “The Broken Heart’s Solution” and how you can find opportunity in a broken heart.

Topic: The Broken Heart’s Solution

1. Can someone really solve a broken heart or is time the only solution?

2. How does someone address a broken heart? How is it done?

3. You say there is an opportunity with a broken heart. Can you explain?

4. Can you give us an example of someone who has succeeded with this method?

5. Does this work for anyone or is it best for people from a particular background?

6. Have you used this method yourself?

Listen Here:

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If you would like to connect personally with Dr. Laurie Moore, you can call her at 831-477-7007, email Dr. Moore at successlovenow22@Gmail.com or visit www.counselingscottsvalley.us

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