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Podcast: The Forgiving Book

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Cindy Karwacki is the author of several books including 12 Steps in 12 SecondsHow to Pray through a Financial Crisis and The Forgiving Book.

Cindy discusses the importance of forgiveness and how the inability to forgive can be more detrimental than you think.

Cindy says that forgiving can be as easy as you make it or as difficult as you make it to be. She believes you can forgive no matter what the circumstances if you ask for help from a Source that is greater than yourself.

Cindy shares how she learned to forgive in this podcast.

How to forgive

  • What happens when you are unable to forgive?
  • What are the signs your are stuck in not being able to forgive someone?
  • What is a “peace walk”? When do you go on one?
  • Why can you be more successful in your life by going on a “peace walk”?
  • What’s the first step to forgiving ON PURPOSE?
  • How do you replenish your faith in people?
  • Plus how do you stop internalizing hurt feelings to avoid un-forgiveness in the future?

To learn more about Cindy Karwacki and her books, please visit LifeCoachingFortLauderdale.com, where you will also find posts that will initiate help in the area where you may be stuck.

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