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Podcast: Time Traps That Deplete Your Gung Ho!

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Julie Morgenstern is dubbed “queen of putting people’s lives in order” by USA Today, is a professional organizer, productivity consultant and New York Times Bestselling author of several books including Time Management from the Inside Out.

In this podcast, Julie discusses the time traps that deplete your gung ho!

Time Traps That Deplete Your Gung Ho!

  • What are common time traps that distract and deplete your “gung ho”?
  • Why do you say productivity is less about task management and more about energy management?
  • How is eating healthy a key to time management?
  • Why is the feeling of overwhelm a gateway to procrastination?
  • How do you learn to say no without feeling guilty?
  • What is the very best piece of advice you have for the overwhelmed that will have them on the right productivity track?

To learn more about Julie Morgenstern, her books and services please visit her site JulieMorgenstern.com.

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