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Podcast: What Are People Skills Anyway?

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Career Coach and Consultant, Susan Maciak is the CEO of CAMEO Career & Corporate Consulting and author of four books, including What Are People Skills Anyway?

Sue reveals the people skills you need to be a wonderful social and business success.

Find out more about people skills, why you need them and how can they increase your ability to relate better to others.

What’s the first thing you can do to get started right now in building your people skills?  This podcast tells!

What Are People Skills, Anyway?

  • So…what are people skills, anyway?
  • Do you feel that people today are lacking in them?
  • Why are they crucial in today’s world, especially in business?
  • How do good people skills help you achieve more success?
  • What the one skill you should use in the workplace every day?
  • What are some basic people skills everyone should have?
  • If you do not have a certain skill set, how can you get it?

You can learn more about Susan Maciak and her services at CameoCareer.com, where you can also order copies of her books and follow her blog CAMEO CAREER TIPS.

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