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Dance On Your Life Path With Intention

Have you ever noticed how school age kids skip along the sidewalk?

Do you notice how they run to the monkey bars or swings? Why? Answer: they can’t wait to enjoy themselves.

As an adult, would you rather skip into your life and run toward your chosen destiny? Would you rather walk? What goals pull you into the future?

Have you thought about designing your life rather than letting life happen to you?

Would you rather go out on a blind date or make choices for yourself? Life offers you a blind date with destiny or a chosen calling.

You enjoy a choice through your intentions. What has been your most recent intention result? Not sure? Make sure to first recognize the difference between an intention and a wish.

A wish can show up as not much more than a hope: that your supervisor notices your value; that others like you; that your ship finally comes in; in effect, that the stars line up just right.

An intention contains within it the word, “intent”.

What tends to be the quality of your energy when you have had “intention” toward something? For example: to make a pumpkin pie today, or to begin dance lessons next month, or to visit France next summer? What kind of a job would make you happy for your daily existence?

We become intent upon something we focus our minds upon. Then energy follows to propel us in that direction. Can you sense how much larger and keener the energy is with intention than with a wish?

Your mind begins to strategize toward the next steps to bring this strong desire to reality. You become attentive to the necessary ingredients to buy for the pie, whose flavor you can almost taste. After discovering an Internet piece on dancing that mesmerized you, you might imagine yourself an expert someday. You scheduled time slots for salsa lessons, C & W or swing classes. You research, then make reservations to accomplish your intention to stand before the Eiffel tower for a picture.

This technique applies to your job or life’s work. You get to choose. If you fail to choose, life chooses for you.

Napoleon Hill said, “Life is like a horse. Life will ride you if you become the horse. Or, you can ride while life becomes the horse. The choice as to whether one becomes the rider of Life or is ridden by Life is the privilege of every person. But this much is certain. If you do not choose to become the rider of Life, you are sure to be forced to become the horse. Life either rides or is ridden. It never stands still.”

If you do not recall a recent intention, let’s create one now and watch your life dance it into form.

If money, time and circumstances were no issues, what would you most desire to enjoy or create?  If the answer does not leap out at you this moment, close your eyes and ask the question within, ignoring how big or impossible it may seem. The ‘how’ is not your responsibility, however as a co-creator with Life, your deep longings are your responsibility to presence.

Desire energizes!

Intentions magnetize desires to you, as if out of nowhere it seems sometimes. Besides enjoying the actual arrival of intentions, the most thrilling and fun part of the process equals coincidences becoming a lived experience.  You may call it synchronicity. This response to your intention naturally brings all manner of good to you as often as you take a stand for your right and your worthiness to possess your desired outcomes.

Make your claim on the goodness replete in the Universe! Once you imagine your Intention(s) about life, engage and take actions.

We each co-create our lives by our choices. Gift yourself with every bit of the good you can hold by dancing with Intention toward your chosen destiny.

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