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Karma My husband and I were goofing around about what our choices would be for our next lifetimes.

Since we’re not spring chickens, this interesting conversation followed on the heels of some talks about karma, some introspection about life-reviewing, and so forth.  My husband felt he would wish for certain attributes in his next life that could be blessings, for example: to be born in a warm climate, to have good circulation in his feet; to be a male; and to be born into a wealthy family.

This all sounds great, doesn’t it?  But just as the old adage says: Be careful what you wish for – you might get it!  So I pointed out to him that asking for those desires might mean that he was born into a place like Syria (or its equivalent).  It’s warm; you could be rich there; he could have a body that has good circulation; and he could be a male.  Ah, but would he be happy?!

If you want to make karmic choices before your next incarnation, think carefully!

Do you want to wish for the body type that is now idealized, such as thinness?  Remember, in other eras, especially when food was scarce, to be hefty was a desirable mark of prosperity.  And there were eras, as we know by the paintings of the great masters, when fleshiness was sexy.  So then the wish might be framed as follows: I want to incarnate into a body type that is not only healthy but of the kind that’s desirable for that era.  Ah, now we’re getting closer.

How about wealth?  Is there anybody who doesn’t want to have prosperity and even extra abundance?  Why wouldn’t that be a good wish?  Well, as I can attest, having been an astrologer for over forty years and working on the deepest level with people across the spectrum – famous, wealthy, having more than their share of abundance – what I’ve seen are some of those rich and famous ones who are depressed, even so miserable that one or two have attempted suicide.

So here we have the next choice perhaps to frame your future life as follows:

I would like to be secure my life long, have my needs met, and enjoy prosperity through satisfying livelihood or as part of a greater mission that I would then have the means to carry out.

Okay, now we’re not asking to be the idle rich or have an empty meaningless life full of material objects but no depth (and of course we’ve also previously asked for a physical body that’s healthy and desirable in the eyes the new era’s fashion).  What else can be wished for?

Is it easier and more pleasant to be a man as opposed to a woman?  Other than the differences in physiology, such as the woman’s capability of childbearing or the man’s greater muscular strength, would being of one gender or another fulfill a future life’s happiness?  Maybe being female might provide the challenge to excel at a physical skill that’s more satisfying than just being a guy working at the skill.  What comes to mind are athletics, military adventures, and even jobs requiring musculature.  On the other hand, being a man in a future life may be a choice where the power structure has changed, and men are no longer at the top of the heap merely based on their gender.  So maybe the wish could be framed: I’d like to be the gender that most enjoys my role, can rise to my challenges, and can experience pleasure as well as serve a purpose by dint of my physical attributes.

See, we’re getting somewhere.

We’re getting to wisdom.  When you’re wise, sometimes your wish for your future life sounds so simple, it’s merely like this: I wish to be peaceful, joyful, of service, and loved.  Those are so important that they supersede all other attributes you could pine for.  In your next incarnation, karma will take over to some degree, and your choices will include rebalancing past actions that may have wounded another, or lost excellent potential.  Never mind!  Within those obligations, you still have choice.  You still can come back as what you think would be great.  You can try it out.  The more lives you have, the more you realize where delight lies, or where suffering is to be avoided.

Judi Thomases is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire online magazine.


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