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Podcast: Spring into Action…B.L.O.O.M!

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Spring into Action…B.L.O.O.M!Misha Granado MPH, MS, is the founder of and principal consultant for Love Grows: The Relationship Consultants, a boutique firm focused on helping people cultivate healthy relationships and author of It’s Your Season to B.L.O.O.M! Becoming Love to Overcome Obstacles in Me.

Spring into Action…B.L.O.O.M!

  • What does it mean to B.L.O.O.M?
  • What are historical markers, how can I identify mine and what is the purpose?
  • What happens when I shift the way I view relationships and life?
  • Why does it always come back to me?
  • What are the 3 C’s I should avoid and the 3 R’s needed for healthy relationships?

Please visit www.mishagranado.com to learn more about Misha, Love Grows and her book, It’s Your Season to B.L.O.O.M! Becoming Love to Overcome Obstacles in Me. Also, for daily LoveTips visit their FB page (facebook.com/lovegrows.us) and LoveTweets (@LoveGrows_Misha).

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