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Podcast: What’s For Work, Ladies?

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What's For Work, Ladies?Teri Hockett has been featured in over 20 articles on Forbes.com, Business Insider, and CBS San Francisco. As the founder and CEO of What’s For Work?, a career management and job searching website, Teri writes blogs and speaks about relevant career topics, with her niche market as women who opted out of the workforce that did not get the memo about leaning in.

What’s For Work, Ladies?

  • We’ve heard you mention The Mommy Wars Are Over!, what does that mean exactly?
  • Sheryl Sandberg talks about Leaning In. Do you think it applies to all women, regardless of the stage in their career?
  • This term you’ve coined, Employed By Life. Can you tell us more about that?
  • Why is personal branding so critical nowadays, regardless of profession?
  • What do you think holds most women back from pursuing their dream job?

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