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Creating Your Reality

Creating Your RealityThe concept of co-creating reality has been around in metaphysics for quite some time, and is beginning to permeate our mainstream thinking.

It is the idea that there is a correlation between your thoughts – that is, the constructed thoughtforms that everyone unconsciously produces minute by minute – and your subsequent experience, and that these thoughts can be manipulated deliberately with full awareness to shift from depressing, despairing, hopeless or anxious thoughts, and reframe or reform them as to see the positive in whatever you are chewing on at the moment. In other words, to find the silver lining of your current experience, and thus discover your empowerment to take control of your future.

To do so takes a lot of awareness in each present moment to evaluate whether your thoughts are negative about the circumstances or situation, and to detach yourself enough from these thoughts in order to begin the process of reframing, revamping that which you are continuously producing in your mind.

This is not an easy process because with each upsetting or despairing or aggravating thought-construction a certain amount of emotion is generated in you. We’re not talking about upbeat emotions! The emotion may be that of worry; it could be that of fear; it could be that of anger, resentment, frustration, and therefore it is hard work to detach yourself from the emotion that has been generated by the negative thought since it has great power over you. But to do so is called inner work.

Inner work is not a walk in the park! It’s not called “work” for nothing!

It takes understanding; it takes the intelligence to identify the negative thought and switch it to something better; and it takes effort and courage to try doing it. We have not been taught this method. We have not been raised with a belief that it is even possible. However, if somewhere along the line, you find yourself capable of doing this conscious shift, you can begin to co-create your next reality. That is to say, the way events will begin to shape up for you will follow these new thought patterns and begin to look better, more hopeful, and moving in a more positive direction.

Only you can do this. No external person can do it for you because it all takes place in your mind. But if you find yourself successful, you will begin to understand the meaning of co-creating your reality. You will begin living the truth: Change your thoughts, change your reality.

The visionary psychic Edgar Cayce told us, “Mind is the builder.”

What is the story you are telling yourself?

Judi Thomases is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire online magazine.

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