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Podcast: How to Pay for College Without Going Broke

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pretty african female college graduate at graduation with classmReecy Aresty is a college admissions/financial aid advisor since 1979, and author of the critically acclaimed book, How To Pay For College Without Going Broke.  For the past 36 years he has been showing families how to send their kids to the college of their choice for less than they ever dreamed possible.

 How to Pay for College Without Going Broke

  • What are most families unaware of when applying for financial aid?
  • Is the financial aid award letter the final offer?
  • What if you make too much to qualify? How can you still receive aid?
  • Where are parents making their biggest mistake?
  • How can divorced families legally cut the cost of college by as much as 90%?

To find out more visit www.paylessforcollege.com, and for every listener who goes there & sends Reecy an email, he will send you a free copy of his eBook & give you a FREE phone consultation to discuss ways to increase financial aid or get a leg up in the admissions process

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  1. Julian says:

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