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Do You Need Medicine To Be Happy?

Do you ever notice the people in your life that always seem happy?

They have no complaints and basically no drama.  How can they always be this way?

Perhaps, the thing they use is a medicine of sorts, and it is called kindness to others or to some, it is called charity.  When you stop to think of others instead of dwelling on yourself, you have very little room for your fears and problems to crop up to the front of your mind.  Charity or kindness gives you a feeling of self-worth that comes from helping others.  This is the medicine for your soul.

Do you try to be helpful to most you meet?  When you find yourself down and depressed, try helping others and you will soon find your spirits lifted and suddenly you will find yourself happier.  It is simply a matter of getting up and doing it.  This is medicine worth taking each and every day.

Remember, the best vitamin for having friends is to B 1!

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