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Life’s Unpredictability Has A Silver Gold Lining

There’s a certain dread in running into someone or something unpredictable.

Not knowing what they’re going to do or what’s going to happen makes us uneasy even afraid of what the consequences might be. Our mind prevents us from venturing too close to something unknown because it is literally protecting us from what it perceives/labels as dangerous to our survival.

Now let’s flip this the other way.

Can unpredictability be viewed from a positive perspective?  Sure can. And the Winter Olympics at Sochi are a perfect example. The favorite in the women’s 500-meter short track speed skating was eliminated. Who would have thought that another speed skater who was participating as an alternative on his country’s team would end up winning a silver and bronze medal when picked by a teammate to race in his place? And the American skier pushing off from 29th spot in the Super-G well after all the medal favorites had taken their runs? He ended up with silver around his neck.

The results just mentioned, give me so much hope for the rest of us.

Not that we’re all going to be Olympic medalists – nice thought though it is – but despite our individual difficulties and challenges, we can ultimately triumph. Life lets us beat the odds sometimes because that’s what life is. Its unpredictability can stop us in our tracks but can also lift us higher than we thought possible. And this is what keeps us going instead of quitting our dreams because it’s too hard, too expensive or too tiring. God bless the unpredictable no matter how uncertain it can be for us.

Kita is a happiness expert, author and speaker.  Her latest book “The SIMPLE Life: Shiny Objects Not Required” is now available.  Visit http://www.kitaszpak.com for details. Read more posts by Kita Szpak.


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