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Podcast: Stop The World I Want To Get Off!

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JenningsWire blogger and Happiness Author & Expert, Kita Szpak discusses simple ways to simplify your life and stop feeling overwhelmed.

Kita’s latest book, The SIMPLE Life: Shiny Objects Not Required, is due out in a few months.    

Stop the World I Want to Get Off!

  • How can you tell something is missing in your life in spite of being super busy?
  • What are some ways you can “stop your world” to take time out?
  • What is this time out meant to do? Are we just catching up on our sleep or is there something bigger here?
  • So you start discovering what’s missing in your life. Now what?
  • What makes self-awareness the greatest gift we can give ourselves?

To learn more about Kita Szpak, her books and services, including her upcoming free training series, Stop Overwhelm! Discover the Simple Steps to Simplify Your Life, please visit KitaSzpak.com

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