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What Can We Do To Live A Successful Life?

How would you define a successful life?

Most would say it is all of your material possessions.  Yet there are millions of people who live successful lives who are of modest means.

They may not be rich in the financial sense of the word, but they are rich in life and in values.

How can we have a positive impact or impress others?

Here are a few traits that define success in life:

Sincerity.  Don’t try to deceive or impress others – be yourself and do what is right based on your beliefs and values.

Be genuine.  Your actions speak higher than your words.

Be enthusiastic.  Show this to others and commit yourself to being the best you can be.

Be honest.  Let ethics, morals and honor be your compass.

Be heartfelt.  Let your thoughts and emotions be openly expressed – let your feelings show.

Have humility.  A sense of humbleness will have a lasting impact on others.

Have personal integrity.  Always do what you know is right.

Be courteous to others.

Have empathy.  Be understanding of the feelings of others.

Have compassion.  Reach out to help others with love and kindness.

Be generous in life.  Give of your time, money or wisdom.  Share with others so they can see the true joy and adventures in life themselves.

What qualities do you think define success in life?

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