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Your Dream Of Giving Two Weeks Notice

Your Dream of Giving Two Weeks NoticeDo you like your work? Do you get a kick out of reaching the “office” daily as a park ranger, chef, teacher, truck driver, fireman, manager, waitress or hairdresser?

Note this fact: what you do daily in your life affects your mind, body and spirit. If you love your work, you thrive. If you tolerate your work, you stagger through your day watching the clock. If you dislike your work, you ingest headache remedies. If you earn low wages, you limit your options as to home, vacations and possessions. If you work for “the man”, you make money for his dreams.

A recent national poll showed that 29 percent of Americans enjoy their work. That leaves 71 percent squandering their life energy at a job that means little to them other than a paycheck.

Have you ever heard the adage, “The only job I’m looking forward to is retirement.”

In order to evolve into your highest and best working life, you must expand your mind into a larger state of thinking. In other words, grow your consciousness. For example, in my teen years, I enjoyed height and speed in football. But my father, an average workingman, encouraged me to be an end to catch touchdown passes. Years later, as my perspective grew, I decided to match my talents with the right position: quarterback. I broke out of my father’s “paradigm” of limited thinking.

My friend Dan Millman wrote a book: The Life You Were Born to Live. In it, he describes 37 working life-pathways that people follow during their Earthly journey. By learning your mental-emotional-spiritual propensities through his teachings—you may engage your growing consciousness toward a job that you love.

He “coaches” you through a process to discover your particular working passageway. I am a 33-3 pathway. It fits me to a T. Check it out. Millman offers his enormous wisdom to move you down the track toward your chosen destiny.

When you discover your path, each day, when you awake, you go to “work” doing what you love and loving what you’re doing. You get paid to “play” at your work.

Please realize that 71 percent of Americans haven’t expanded their consciousness enough to move into the rare air of the 29 percent who love their work. That 71 percent slog through their days, years, decades and life.

Thus, most unhappy people in life live in a poverty-consciousness. It’s the only thing they know. It’s normal for them.

Is Millman’s book the only “directory” for improving your destiny? Of course not! You may visit any library for another dozen books that show you how to discover your greatest talents, abilities and working skills.

For example: one man worked a job for 20 years, but at 40, he lacked any enthusiasm for his office work. He played harder at his landscape oil paintings. Soon, fine art galleries featured his work at $15,000.00 a painting. He created a website. Today, he can’t keep up with commissioned work.

One woman, an art teacher, lost all enthusiasm for her students after 10 years. She began making nude bronze busts in her basement. She bought a spot in the Cherry Creek Art Festival in Denver, Colorado one summer. All 20 of her art pieces sold out within hours. Today, she commands enormous commissions for her bronze statues.

It comes down to working with “The Law”: the automatic delivery system that responds to our dominant thoughts.

It’s called “Law of Mind in Action.” It’s also known as “Law of Spirit.” It’s a blind power, however, when you engage it, you may utilize its ability for your own good.

Henry Ford said, “If you think you can or can’t; you’re right.”

Therefore, work on growing your consciousness, discovering your life-path and moving toward working at what you love. One day, you will walk into your boss’ office with a huge smile on your face.

“What can I do for you?” he asked. “Don’t tell me you want a raise. You already know the answer to that one. Oh, you want another week of vacation! You know the answer to that one, too.”

“No sir,” you say. “I’m giving you my two weeks notice.”

“Why?” he responds.

“I’ve got a better life planned,” you say. “I’m living life on my own terms with my own choices while using my best talents.”

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