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Kindergarten Mom: Help, My Child is Shutting Down

Anxiety over your child’s school-based problems can start very early.

A mom recently contacted me after reading The Shut-Down Learner.

“My son is drowning in school.  Do you think he could be a shut-down learner?”

After asking a few more questions, I was struck by the fact that the child in question was only in kindergarten.

When I wrote the Shut- Down Learner I was envisioning a disconnected, shut-down teenager.   However, as I gave more talks to the parents, so many of the concerns being raised were concerning young children.  This led me to understand that so much of the concept of the SDL is how can we prevent this from happening as early as possible.

The formula that I created is the following:

Cracks in the Foundation + Time + Lack of Understanding +  Widening cracks + Family tensions increasing = Shut Down Learner

As we progress with future blogs, I will break down this formula for you in depth so that you will understand each of the parts and what you may be able to do as the child’s parent.

So, if you are the mom of a kindergarten child who is shutting down, you can bet there are cracks in the foundation.  The next step is to know what those cracks are and how to identify them.


By Richard Selznick. Richard is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.

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