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Bucket List, Here I Come!

Bucket List, Here I Come!Recently in one of my latest trips to the doctor the topic of discussion was what was new regarding my cancer.

“Karen,” the doctor opened up her conversation, ‘Your cancer has spread to your liver. As it looks you have a few months to live as opposed to a few good years.” Shock was on the faces of both my daughter and me.

The year for 2014 had been a year of bad news. First my cancer medicine stopped working and my bone cancer grew even more in my pelvis area. When I went back in to check on the new growth a spot on my brain was found. Later at a checkup to see how that was doing a blood clot in my lung was discovered. The checkup to look at that revealed my cancer had spread to my liver. In frustration my daughter vowed to never take me to the doctor again because it just wasn’t working out in my favor.

In November, going against her vow to never take me to the doctor again more scans were taken. This time the news we got had changed at last. Each of the old areas were holding their own and no new surprises were revealed. Even my chemotherapy medicine decided to work at last.

The whole year made me think of how we need to live each moment of our lives to the fullest.

With the sentence of a few months verses a few good years my daughter and I began to work on my “bucket list.” Forced to retire from my job of seventeen years we decided we weren’t going to sit around and mope but try to make memories to live off of until no more memories could be made.

Who knows if we will ever make it through my entire list but the fun is in the trying and doing whatever we can to make the most of what moments we have together. With the help of my co-workers the ten quilts I wanted to make for my grandchildren are in the process of being made. On hold may be the desire to go to Disneyland with my grandchildren or view the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National park up close but we are not going to let us stop us from trying.

A wise person once said, “We need to glance at our problems and stare at Jesus.” That is what I’m going to do as I live each moment to the fullest. Too easily I could concentrate on nothing but the bad going on in my life, which I’ve tried before. However, I have learned and know good and well it only adds to the stress of the moment, not the beauty of the time we have left.

As none of us know what is around the corner for us it’s a lesson we all should take to heart.

For example, my news was somewhat expected as cancer has a tendency to spread but recently my best friend’s news was sudden and shocking. Her seven-year-old granddaughter was killed in a car accident and her other grandchild left fighting for her life, possibly crippled for life. What moments she had with both her granddaughters will always be a treasure to her no matter how short for the one or long for the other as life happens to us all.

I have learned over the years there’s nothing worse than an empty moment. A time period wasted on stressful thinking, bad choices, ungrateful hearts, and careless living. Even the poorest of the poor can live each moment to its fullest. It doesn’t take a wad of money, only the desire to make the most of what we have today because tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Bucket list, here I come!

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