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Bullying From the Bully & Victim Perspective

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Bullying From the Bully & Victim PerspectiveAuthor Roy Dimond’s exciting new novel, I, Bully addresses the serious issue of cyber bullying. What makes this story unique is that it is told from the perspective of both the bully and the victim. Roy worked at all levels of education as a Youth Worker and Parenting Worker. Roy has presented many workshops to post graduate students at universities, as well as seminars to beginning teachers.

Bullying From the Bully & Victim Perspective

  • Tell us about I, Bully and what makes it different from other books on this subject?
  • Why write about cyber-bullying?
  • What is social media’s role in bullying?
  • What is your advice to people, both victims and bullies who want to change?
  • What other projects are you working on?

Roy Dimond’s new book, I, Bully launches soon and will be available through Motivational Press, Amazon, and book stores. His other novels, The Singing Bowl and Silence and Circumstance are available in book stores near you as well as on Amazon.

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