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Do You Always Look For The Fulfillment In Your Day?

Do You Always Look For The Fulfillment In Your Day?None of us should sit and wait for the perfect moment.

Seize the moment and make it perfect!  Have you ever waited for “someday” for all of your days to be perfect and the timing is right?

I felt I had to rush against the clock to pack my day with all of the fulfillment I thought I needed.  Many goals and milestones were passed and yet, I was too busy to appreciate any of it.  Thinking about it, I realized I was completely unsatisfied with my life.  Then life took a major turn one day and I saw my life crumble under my feet and I saw the dark, black hole I was falling into.  I realized I had been standing over the edge of a bottomless hole.

 I knew I could give up on life and sink deeper and deeper or I could step away from the edge and start fighting for my life.

I stepped away – and my life was totally changed.

I realized that life was all about living and enjoying the moment, not looking out for the future that might never come.  I knew I had to look for all the beauty that surrounded my life and just be grateful instead of dwelling on all the bad things.

I found that deep fulfillment, for me, was finding the joys in the present moment.  I learned that my “someday” was really every day that was filled to the brim with all the precious moments in life.

I just had to open my eyes and my heart to finally see what was right in front of me to find true fulfillment of my day.

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