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How To Beat Your Post-Election Blues

So we have a new President.

Or, better stated, our President has been re-elected.  Do we “congratulate,” or “co-miserate?”  Many people don’t know, many people are very disappointed while many celebrate.  It was a very close contest, clearly indicating the split in Americans’ attitudes regarding our state of affairs and what direction our country is heading in right now.

So many people are out-of-work, losing homes, losing investments and retirement savings, and this began well before Election Day 2012.  In fact, all of these issues were very present at the time of the 2008 election.  America wanted “hope and change,” but did the last 4 years deliver this “change?”  Apparently, half of the country doesn’t think so as the polls clearly show.  The other half, I presume was satisfied with the “change” and sees that our President is doing a good job.  Obviously, the polls tell us that as well.

Democrats, we know, are known for big government, high-taxation, supporting those that have “less” money, status, resources, or opportunity.

Republicans are known to reduce government, cut taxes, cut programs for the less-fortunate, give the “rich” tax-cut benefits, and support big business.  Democrats don’t want war, Republicans do?  Is any of this true?  I don’t recall any significant differences when a Republican was in the Oval Office as opposed to a Democrat.  Where do these notions come from?  Media?  Reality?  YouTube?  FaceBook?  I think so.

There is no person who has ever held the position of President of the United States of America who punished or penalized any race, class, or people.  We, as Americans, have gone on and done our American “Thing” regardless of who has been in office!  The real truth is, politicians lie!  Wow!  Strong stuff to consider, isn’t it?  But…they do!  Promise this, deliver that!  Is it their fault or are they merely puppets on a string…delivering decisions to those who hold those strings?  We may never know.

If anyone truly thinks that one man is going to “change the world,” and make “change” happen, think again!

Politics, and LIFE just don’t work that way… *sigh!* If it only did!

But, that’s not what this blog is about.  This blog is being written to help anyone who is angry, disappointed, scared, frustrated or worried about yesterday’s election results.  Relax!  Not much is going to change for the worse.  Maybe the President does need 4 more years to make things better!  Remember, the pressure is now on high to do something!  He got another chance, (by the skin of his teeth!), and perhaps he has learned from the complaints, concerns and disappointments of his opposers enough to take them seriously!  If he wants to make his legacy strong and impressive, he will fight for that!

Also…be aware that post-election anger or depression can very likely be the result of past or hidden disappointments that lie buried within us.  Bad memories, out-comes, situations that “spark-up” following an election such as this one.

Here are some suggestions to help you stay “SANE” if this election has gotten you to an emotional place you don’t like being:

  • All Presidencies are temporary.  Remember, we made it through the last 4 years, we can make 4 more!
  • Do not engage in conversations about politics or the results of this election.  What’s done is done so let it be, and hope for the best!
  • Realize your limitations.  You can’t change it, accept it!
  • Go back about your life as you know it.  Don’t ruminate, or trouble yourself with “what if,” or “why” questions.
  • Believe that there are stronger forces in our universe than one single human being and we, as a Nation, will survive, prevail and succeed!

I wish well to our new President.  I wish well for ALL AMERICANS and believe in our Country, its people and peace!

Leo Battenhausen is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.