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Your Inner Connection To Others

Your Inner Connection To OthersOn first glance, you may assume I’ll be talking about communicating to others via phone, email, texting, writing, video, photos – heck even talking to them – but I have more in mind here.

In my happiness research, the prime principle is that “Happiness begins within.”   Though you can be affected by external forces – people, situations, culture, environment, ideas – like this article for instance, your capability of creating contentment and personal fulfillment is driven by what you are creating in your thoughts and subsequently what you think as a consequence of those thoughts.  Once you act, then others – the world – if you want to give this a macro context, experience “you” and respond accordingly.  Nothing dramatically new here.

What is fascinating to me is the inner world we all create and experience, and how that inner world is connected to the inner lives of people around us.

You feel energy off of people – ever met someone at a party who you feel you need to get away from real quick?

Even before you’ve opened your mouth, their energy has made its introduction.  Your gut, intuition, knowing is sounding the alarm bells and you’ve yet to determine the color of their eyes…

Similarly, another person at the same party exudes warmth, calm and care.  You end up talking to them about the death of your dad and how it has affected you.  How can you be talking to a stranger about such personal matters – your rational mind says but your inner self has scored an energetic connection that has flooded your system with dopamine, an authentic sense of feeling good that is beyond the sense of satisfaction of buying something new.

The outer world doesn’t hold a candle to what the inner world of each of us is. Some of you have never ventured inside, have you?  It is this power of connecting not just to one person but to many – perhaps to hundreds that holds the potential to change not only us but the world in this unpredictable period of our lives.

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