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Twenty-Five Hours In A Day

My son and I were joking about a calendar he told me about.

He said on the outside it looked like a normal 2013 calendar but on the inside when you flipped to January it was blank.  Every month was blank. In case you forgot according to the Mayan calendar none of us are supposed to be here.  2013 was hailed to be the end of time. We laughed at how much money the creator made with their very popular joke calendar. He or she was surely a creative!

Reflecting on the blankness of the calendar now gives me much incentive for the New Year. The amazing calendar brought this thought to mind –“No constraints, what a fabulous way to start a new year!” No boxes drawn containing the days of the week, nothing compartmentalized in months, no limitations of days, and no time constraints.  The calendar spoke loudly, here is 2013 make it a great year, do whatever you want with it and by all means write your own script! Talk about a liberating thought – wow, awesome!

As the world was wondering why the Mayan calendar suddenly stopped, the Mayan priests had really left us a great message

Just scrap it. Scrap all the calculations, the precise movement of the elements and the predictability factors based on our years of observation. We are out of here and are leaving you to make the best of your lives from 2013 on. I am taking them up on it.

With pen in hand and blank pages before me, I can do whatever I want. I can write 32 days in a month, 25 hours in a day, or just live from sun up to sun down and call the whole year January.  Because of the Mayans, I am writing wonderful out of the box plans for the New Year and trusting God to bring the best of everything into my life. What about you?

By Linda Leon, a contributing blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.

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