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What Floor Are You On?

What Floor Are You On?I was participating in a reflections workshop and the instructor brought up the image of a 10-story building for the class to look at.

In essence, she explained people can live in the same building but depending on what floor they’re on, the view is different, and therefore the perspective of each resident will change depending on which floor they occupy.

If we transfer this metaphor into how we live our lives, it becomes clear how we perceive the world is based on what we “see” and experience.  If you live on the first floor of an apartment building, your view is limited to the immediate surroundings – the front entrance, the street and perhaps the parking lot if your apartment is facing the back.  Not a great view, really but obviously liveable.

As you graduate up the floors, the view expands until living on the top floor – the penthouse if you will – gives you a spectacular view of your neighborhood and greater community and beyond to include a panorama of lakes, forests, farms, and road networks all nestled within a broad horizon that stretches out, so it seems into infinity.  Living up here costs a lot and many of us say we can’t afford it.

Here’s the thing.  Life and its universal riches are available to you if you want them and strive to attain them being the best person you can be. 

By “best” I mean being the person you are meant to be. This is tough to do just like it’s tough to work very hard to have the means to live in a penthouse.  If you limit your view by saying “I’m comfortable enough here,” “It’s not worth it,” “My family’s always lived like this,” you reason yourself out of the experience life is trying to offer you and everybody else.

Want a better experience of life and how it can treat you?  Resolve to get a better view by moving up from the base (physical) floors to the middle (mindful) floors until you can appreciate, understand and easily access life’s penthouse as an enlightened human being.

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