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A Battle! An Awakening! A Relationship! A Triumph!

Can a small choice change the course of our lives?

I was speechless for minutes when I held the phone close to my ear and listened to Lauren Miller’s dramatic and powerful story.

Believe me this event does not happen to me very often. I don’t mean the story; I am referring to being in a state of speechlessness.

Where could we start? My keyboard is trembling along with the words and my heart is ticking fast.

A young amazing woman, a Mother of three children; ages 8, 10, and 12 was going through a divorce and at the same time told by Doctors the she has breast cancer and she must act on it quickly.

These events took place in 2006.

What was going on in Lauren’s mind at that very moment, only Lauren knows and feels.

How Lauren proceeded with surgery, (Double Mastectomy) chemotherapy treatments, and everything else recommended by the Doctors, was a remarkable performance based on acting filled with faith and belief and a spiral deep connection to the Higher Power.

Lauren, a young, strong, athletic, beautiful woman transitioned from a beautiful life to a life of no hair, body weakness, pain beyond imagination and endless series of surgeries and treatments over and over again.

She never complained, she was never angry, and she continued to live and feel her life events expressing all that she had tucked inside of her inner being with her family and close friends.

And Lauren never stopped believing that someday she will be fine, healthy, strong, and with hair.

She prayed and she connected and she expressed everything she was experiencing; shifting the hurt and the pain to gratitude and appreciation and manifesting the days where this bad dream vanished forever.

Lauren received a whole new license on life and began to write and share her story and her phenomenal success with others. In 2009 she wrote Hearing His Whisper, a whisper lifting her from despair to shine. In 2011 she released the book titled 99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Stressing Out.

In 2013 she published Release the Stress Around Breast Cancer with Methods and Mantras for the Mastectomies of Life and in April 2013 Lauren released 5 Minutes to Stress Relief: How to Release Fear, Worry, and Doubt…Instantly.

What an achievement!

And how can we explain the message Lauren so finely shares with the readers and listeners and watchers? If there is a will there is a way applies to the decree on one’s life.

Does Lauren possess that magic power and turn around death to life and change destiny?

I was privileged to meet Lauren in person just a couple of days ago. If she would have shared with me her life journey, I would have never thought that this is the same Lauren. She looks radiant, amazing, beautiful, youthful and totally healthy and full of spirit, spice and shine.

Thanks Lauren!

Looking at you we find a mirror acknowledging the miracles of life and the beauty in restoring our faith in the power of believing, praying and connecting.

I never bothered asking Lauren if she used e-mail, text, phone or a simple note to connect and share her passage with God, but nevertheless we must know that as much as technology is powerful and influential.

There will always be a speckle of reversible sensation that can be only performed by a Higher Power regardless to how you will identify and name it. No tools or methods, a simple change of destiny.

A shift only Lauren could feel and sense that moment. She confirmed that her life took a brand new turn and from that moment on nothing became impossible.

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