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A Life Well Lived Is A Life Lived By Heart

No two artists have ever painted the exact same painting.

The personal expression, vision, interpretation, and creations are as individual of a masterpiece as the painter, and is born but once, with a message and expressed perspective all it’s own.

No two writers have ever written the exact same piece.  The personal expression, vision, interpretation and creation is as individual of a masterpiece as the writer, and is born but once, with a message and expressed perspective all it’s own.

No two souls are the same.  No two humans have ever left the same impression or legacy and each of us comes equipped with unique tools, talents and gifts, created to be celebrated and shared.

You are the only one of you, and you are a Masterpiece. We get one chance to live this life, make it matter, and leave a legacy—we have come perfectly and divinely prepared to live our mission, and contribute what absolutely no one else on Earth ever could.

Dr. Rev. Sharron Stroud once said, “Your only “job” is to be you.”

I was in awe!  This woman, had just single handedly eliminated “competition” from my life.   ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’?  Obliterated.  Comparisons?  There aren’t any.  And if my only job is to be Me, then who else but Me could possibly tell Me how to do it better?  Who else on planet Earth knows better than Me, what it means to be ME?

I began to reflect, and from then on, have considered myself an intriguing excavation site, using my journal to record my findings, tell my stories, and most importantly, shift my perspective, and light the way–to a life lived by heart.

As a writer, and as any writer knows, the perspective from which we write has a direct effect on the experience or experiences that we’re having in our lives, and the emotions we’re feeling play a dynamic role in how we come to see, know and love our true selves, as well as how we come to see, know and love others.

I look forward to sharing posts rich with inspired action, enjoyable writing prompts, inspirational true stories,  thought provoking insight and reminders to the heart in a journey designed to awaken your Spirit to the abundance within you.

God knows, you were created to shine.

Elle Febbo is a blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.

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6 Responses to "A Life Well Lived Is A Life Lived By Heart"

  1. Jenny Haney says:

    You are an inspiration to me every day to love myself and always be the true me!

  2. Elle Febbo says:

    Thank you, Jenny! Love and Joy to you, Sister.

  3. Vicky brown says:

    Hi Elle Im on a personal mission of my own at 51 and 5kids and 4 grandkids later. lol I am recently have become ill physically and spiritually. Im starting to work with Dr. Joanne White. She seem’s awesom. I enjoyed all the differant thing’s here on your page thank you for your help.

  4. Lisa Salisbury says:

    Love this…how it is a great reminder to be who we are, I also believe we were all meant to shine!! Thanks with LOVE <3

  5. Elle Febbo says:

    Wishing you abundant Blessings, Joy and Love on your journey, Vicky.

  6. Elle Febbo says:

    Shine ON, Lisa! 🙂

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