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Boomer Women In Bloom

Imagine the most exquisite gardens in the world symbolized boomer women in bloom.

What a lovely sight! I find it heavenly. My personal view of boomer women in bloom are gardens in every city, every town and every village. Gardens full of life! Full of love! Full of happiness! Full of joy! Full of bliss! Magnificent blooms of dreams fulfilled! A wonderful world indeed!

At the time I didn’t realize my voice mattered until I took the plunge and co-authored Ready, Aim, Captivate: Put Magic in Your Message and a Fortune in Your Future. I stepped outside my comfort zone and it scared me! Quickly hired a writing coach and charged right through self-doubt and limiting beliefs. This gem of a book became an award winning best-seller.

Even though my career showed no signs of someone with low self-esteem, I hid it well. Garnered with several awards in my life for various accomplishments and blessed with acknowledgement for researching and producing manuscripts for 2 best-selling books by marketing guru Robert Michael Fried. I felt unworthy of becoming an author myself.

Curiosity about fellow boomer women led me to want to know them better, their thoughts and opinions, direction of their lives, lost loves, etc. I wanted to know what they had accomplished and their thoughts about entering the second half of life. Most made family a high priority. Careers went unfulfilled. Corner offices came second to family. Women achieved careers, but it came at a price. Boomer women raised families, nurtured wonderful relationships with a significant other or finally divorced. Now are left to look at life more closely and ponder the obvious… Did I live? Did I love? Did I make a difference in the world? Most boomer women and beyond have much more to give and untapped resources! They are longing to be heard yet struggle with a loss for words to describe it! You view life differently when you know your voice matters. Boomer women know in their hearts there’s more to them. More to life. I dream of a world of boomer women in bloom.

Seven steps to nurture boomer women so they fully bloomed by spring!

  1. Plant a seed. Ask yourself what’s most important in life and why does it matter to you? It’s time to come clean. Get real and talk about it
  2. Provide a ray of sunshine. Open up and smile. You are wonderful just the way you are. Smile at a stranger, you’ll make their day. You’ll glow in return
  3. Nurture your inner wisdom. Thoughts and feelings matter. Start expressing yourself. Lend an ear, you will find it reciprocal. There’s more to you than you know
  4. Water your soul. Find a tranquil place. Meditate often. Listen to your inner voice. Your soul is always honest with you
  5. Fertilize your body temple. Essential for a healthier bloom. Proper nourishment works wonders
  6. Prune yourself. Keep strong. Exercise regularly. Weed out what doesn’t serve you. Hire a coach or mentor. Maintain both your inner and outer beauty
  7. Adore yourself. You’re beautiful and extraordinary!  Be yourself. The world is waiting for you to bloom

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