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Calling All Angels! (Yes, that means you.)

When was the last time you saw one?  An angel, that is?

“You can sometimes see the angels.  Those you can see, hear, touch, learn from, and grow with, are called Earth Angels.  They are the Love of God, embodied.  Those you cannot see with your eye, sit a the very center of your heart-space, ever guiding, ever-loving, and ever whispering reminders unto your Spirit during the sacred spaces in between…”  ~Excerpt, ”Life By Heart”, By Elle Febbo

I see them everywhere.  They’re the ones who show up, seemingly out of nowhere to help push your car out of the road when you run out of gas; the ones who walk the lost toddler to the security office at the county fair, the ones who donate their shoes so another person can be comfortable, the ones who pick up the lost dog, scurrying frantically across the busy highway, the ones who help paint the neighbors fence, the ones who tithe their time, tools, talents and even dollars to be of service, and the ones you see stepping in anytime the rest of the world has seemingly stepped out.

Do you recognize them, now?

Can you see them everywhere?

Is this you?

Of course it is.  

When was the last time someone reminded you of the power you have within you to make a lasting positive impact on the world?

Recently, I was talking with my friend and valued accountant, Kate, who happens to have as big of a heart for children as I do.  I was telling her about an appearance I made recently for ‘Royal Family KIDS’, who’s mission is to create life-changing moments for children of abuse through clubs, camps and mentorship.  I was so excited about the banquet and fundraiser, and so honored to have been invited to speak and share my own story (as tough as that can still be for me), from lost foster child to a loved, adopted child. I went on and on about how thrilling it was to know I might have made a difference in the life of just one person – or family – and how grateful I was to be in a room filled with Earth Angels who cared about our youth just as much as I did.
“Love is the answer,” I finally said, “and Royal Family KIDS is proof of that.  This organization is made up entirely of Earth Angels, Kate.”

After I was finally finished sharing, I met her in a 10 second silence, broken by her distant voice and eyes, when she said, “I wish I could do something to help.”  

“You can!” I told her.

But, she argued, “I have limits to what I can donate financially, and I’m NOT about to stand on a stage and talk about my fathers alcoholism, and besides, I was never a foster kid, so I didn’t have it that bad…my heart breaks for those kids, but Elle, I’m just an accountant.”

Boy, was she wrong.  And boy, did I ever tell her so, and I’ll say it again, friend, and make no mistake about it:  You have the infinite power of Love within you, and you have come into this life experience perfectly and divinely prepared to live your mission, and use your experiences, time, tools, talents and innate resources to make a lasting positive impact on the world.  

You have incomprehensible greatness within you, and that greatness is the source of the Almighty…
You are the Earth Angel.  

You are not ‘just’ anything, or ‘just’ anyone, you are the only one of you that there is or will ever be, and wherever you have been, whatever you have witness, moved through, learned, or been broken by, has prepared you to give back in divine contribution.  It’s true!  Nothing has happened to you — it’s all happened for you — and everything up until now, has prepared you for THIS moment.  It doesn’t mean you need to stand on stages, write books, or become a Royal Family KIDS camp director.  You have all you need right now to do something more, and the opportunities that come before you are prompts — Heaven sent invitations.  You can say “I’m not ready”, or question “Who am I?”, and reject the call, OR you can say, “YES, I’m here to contribute and collaborate.”

It’s entirely up to you.

What we say ‘yes’ to, manifests.  What we say ‘no’ to, or merely write about, think about, talk about or dream about, are all the things we will never see come to life.

Do you hear a call to serve?  Does the thought of donating your services, knowledge, expertise, or even financial resources make you feel good inside?  When you think about 5 days at camp with a foster child, do you catch yourself with a smile on your face?  Can you identify the prompts, and would you mind  taking a peek at your Heaven sent invitations?  Because, I promise you that someone, somewhere, is waiting for you.

It’s so easy.  Here are 11 ways you can make a difference in the world, right now:

1. Support charities, services and organizations that are close to your heart through social media.  Share the good news, good people, and good work with your friends, family, and online communities!  People want to help.  You can show them how.

2. Don’t toss it!  Donate it.  The Salvation Army and others will even pick it up, and proceeds will support individuals and families in need — this is only possible because people like you cared enough to schedule a pick up.

3. Practice random acts of kindness.  As cliche as it sounds, there is no sweeter way to love another, or yourself, and no simpler way to be of service to another soul.

4. Share your expertise.  Your gift for crunching numbers, training others, speaking, writing, marketing, fundraising, social media, event planning or any other expert level knowledge, is needed and welcomed by almost every organization.  Truly, it takes a village.

5. Show up!  Attend the fundraiser, read to the kindergarten class, sing praises within your faith community, give a Saturday morning to your local food bank.  Just DO it!

6. Take your children with you.  Model service and solid values, and they will do as you do — God knows, the biggest blessing you can leave the world, is a child who knows that he or she makes a difference.

7. Become a Big Sister or Big Brother, and influence the life of a child who desperately needs you.  (While in foster care, I had a Big Sister.  My Eighth Grade Graduation was coming up, and I didn’t have a dress — I remember being so worried that I wouldn’t have anything nice to wear.  She asked me what my dream dress looked like, and I described the vision in my mind of a pink dress, with a full, knee-length skirt, and a big pink bow on the back.  A week later, after sewing for 5 days straight, she showed up with my dress.  After taking it in a bit, it fit me perfectly, because it was made for me — just like she was.  I have never forgotten how much she meant to me, how much I loved that dress, or how celebrated she made me feel.)

8. Donate gently used toys and clothing to your local orphanage.  Many children are taken from their homes or abandoned with nothing but the clothes on their backs.  Your generosity can make a huge difference.

9. Collect used dog beds, towels, blankets and pillows, and deliver them to your local animal shelter.  The cold concrete is no place for anyone.  Ever.

10. Say ‘YES’, and go where you’ve never gone before.  Next Thanksgiving, serve the homeless, this Easter, join the LA Mission on Skid Row in preparing Easter Baskets for underprivileged children, or volunteer at a homeless shelter near you.  Do not be afraid; you’re being divinely guided, every step of the way.

11. Take responsibility for your unlimited and most awesome potential.  Marianne Williamson said, “Your playing small serves no one.”  She’s absolutely right.  (As usual.)

The ones who change the world are the ones who hear the call, say ‘yes’, and take action.   And almost always, the life that changes the most, is their own.  What a gift you are to the world, Earth Angel.  Follow your heart, it knows the way — and may you always remember your purpose, your power,  and your divinity.

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