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Can You Create When You’re In The Dumps?

Life seems to demand that creators create no matter what happens to them.

But, is this human reality? I mean, can you really be wonderfully imaginative when you’re stuck in a down turn?

It could be anything that has you in its grip – lost job, financial losses, relationship woes, illness ect.

This list will never end, and it’s always waiting around the corner to grab at you. Frankly, knowing one has to hold this tension is enough for many folks, to just not bother with the challenges of creating.

Then there is creative actuality.

What the heck is that? Well, it’s the truth about being a creative person. You are creative. It is not something you choose to become or train to be.

You are creative, because you come that way. You were born into the creative personality. You can certainly deny and avoid it.

However, you can’t change that fact, because that is your creative actuality.

When you are actually creative you will always be creating. What will shift about is the stuff you create.

You may be a wonderful painter of beautiful floral fantasies that invite pleasurable emotion.

Then you get a diagnosis of cancer and suddenly you feel you can’t paint anymore. You may no longer be able to create those things of pleasant beauty, because you’re not in that place.

Now you’re in the dumps, and from this vantage point you can’t see the same things you once did. Here the actuality of your creativity can kick in, if you let it, and your new perspective shows you something else. At this moment what you paint evokes the other side of the beauty you once captured. Perhaps it’s a darkness you never knew, or the truth of life’s transformation, but you can create from this place, because you are a creative soul.

Perchance you’ll tackle painting those beautiful floral images again; and now that you know their full story, your paintings take on a richness never expressed before. Life will throw itself upon you; and because you are creative, you will live and grow in the way of an artist. Never worry that you aren’t able to create, only that you can keep yourself away from creating. Whatever dump you find yourself within, it is always your choice to let your creativity manifest.

Sandy Nelson is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.